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I am reading all of the negative reviews about Maria Duval, and I have to begin by telling you I too was contacted by Maria many many years ago. As everyone has read, it starts out as a small amount, but then you receive a letter claiming if you send more, she will give you a more detailed reading of your life. Included in this extensive reading (which I remember was a good 30-40 pages long) is a years worth of lucky numbers. Well, that year... Read more

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I'm somewhat confused here . Who on earth would send money to Maria Duval or anyone promising riches ? I'm old, but the riches I wanted I got, love, happiness and peace. I worked years to make myself a kind hearted peaceful easy going man. From what I gather is most of these people have one common thread, greed and misery. Both greed and misery should have been taken care of and put to bed back in your twenties or early thirties. Sorry... Read more

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the two girls on cnn this morning and all countries looking for here I heard you ask for help too catch here well no problem . next time give I something harder too solve all I ask in return with no strings attached is nothing just nothing forever and beyond . girls call me at 561-802-8632 only these two girls call and I will give them the answer that you all are looking and searching for it took me 33 seconds too catch this evil witch from ***... Read more

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Hey Everyone CNN MONEY is doing a story on MARIA DUVAL Maria (perhaps a man) has been scamming people for years! Even the FBI cant get these scammers. So now CNN is doing a Special all about his fraudster: Watch the link above. Vent on Twitter. Let's get these people who have stolen over $200million from the weak, sick and elderly!!!!!!!!!!!! Maria Duval... Read more

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This woman is a liar and I'm living proof of it. 10 years ago she was sending me letters and saying that I was going to find the love of my life, told me that I was going to be rich and be able to own a nice home, but it never happened. I was divorced, lost what home i did have and today I can't afford to buy a car and also living on a tiny amount of money which isn't enough to get by on. I am also lonely i don't have a soulmate and will spend... Read more

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This person is a fraud and preying on the elderly. it should be a criminal offence to promise elderly people that they will perform a magic art and then they will start receiving money. If any-one can actually tell me who the person is and their address I will be doing something about it. My mother receives letters promising her that if she pays $90.00 and states she and her Master of magic are so completely convinced that after their... Read more

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Many years ago she stolled from my vallet too much money! I was *** and she win.But :MILS OF GOD GRIND SLOWLY,BUT SURELY !!! Read more

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I want to be in to check with maria duval

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back in October 2014 I ordered five braclets from Maria Duval and never as of 04/25/2015 have I ever recieved the braclets or a refund. She got me for $25.00 and I am not happy about that. Cannot even take this fake to court as she should be for ripping those who was looking for a quick fix.......SHAME ON YOU, MARIA DUVAL!

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My dad --80 years old-- responded to an ad in a magazine. The ad was something about what you want in life. Do you want money? friendship? etc. How do you want it to come? In the lottery? etc. So he must have sent in this specific request, at which point Maria Duval became his "best friend." He constantly received packages with trinkets which he had paid for in $30.00-$50.00 range. They promised to bring him peace, or prosperity, etc. Then... Read more

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