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Maria Duval - Debited my elderly mother's account for $60.

Company Maria Duval
Product / Service Literature
Location Reston, Virginia
Category Professional Services
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My mom is elderly and has a bad habit of sending donations to organizations and purchasing form mail order catalogs.

I have warned her against giving out her debit card number but she has done it anyway. This week Destiny Research Center has taken $60 from her checking account.

I asked her what she was to recieve from this company, she said, books, magazines and information about her future.

My mom is in the hospital after breaking her hip and her femur in the same leg. I am concerned that this company is a scam and they may continue to steal from her.

Kathryn Jones, daughter of
Colleen Sturdevant
Yukon, OK 30b45d4

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Aug 25, 2010 
I have to agree with the response. Your mom did give out the info. I hate that she broke her hip and wish her well, but she needs to NEVER give anyone her debit card info (or other info for that matter).
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Aug 24, 2010 
So, you haven't actually been scammed by them? Your mother gave them her account information, so that's on her. Now, if they were to refuse to send her the items she paid for, or kept debiting her account without permission, then it would be different. But the company hasn't done anything wrong, so you really shouldn't have jumped to writing on PC so quickly. Wait and see if they actually scam your mother, don't write here just because you assume they will.
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