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Cashed check did not receive product

I'M happy to find this website to see what is going on with the company's that scam people and think it is ok.i purchased something and never received it ,last check was cashed but no product received but i continue to get new offers in the mail every other day telling me to send more money but the buck stops asking for a refund plus closing my account.its a shame to be in the richest country in the world and get ripped off. the state,government should do more to bring these crooks to justice.
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Jacksonville, North Carolina
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Did not receive product promised check cashed

Maria Duval/DestinyResearch Group are the same company. I too sent $20.00 for Re Ring never received it after waiting a month and a half. But yet they still send you their garbage. They are very slick. i cancelled my check under Destiny Research but they sent an electronic payment to my bank even after I had cancelled the check under Maria Duval and was PAID by my bank. Whey are nothing but low downed evil scam artist and are laughing at everyone that has paid them. I am going to contact the Attorney General Office for my state.
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Richardson, Texas
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Maria duval

lmao greaaaaat cuz i sent for my 10 dollar ring of re eight days ago and still havent got it yet if it does something for me ill let you know lol well hopefully it does me good since i have so much bad luck as it is if i get bad luck im gettin my money back definitly if i get in car crash ive never heard of anything more dumb then to wear this *** thing anyway sounds like shes hard up on money but she looks so old why would an old lady do such a thing to begin with sounds like a yet another scam
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Phoenix, Arizona

Turn it in to your states attorney

You need to turn this into your states attorneys office, as I have done. This is just another of those scams that suck good people in. If enough of us do this no matter where we are, we can get a class action suite against her/company. They want a hundred words so here I am writing to meet that. which by the way is silly. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 xoxoxo x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
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Bellevue, Washington

Regarding the Ring of Re

I received the same letter,same picture today. My skepticism led me to investigate. This is the only site that came up for the supposed Ring of Re. I have found nothing in Egyptian history about it. Also, if it was so lucky, how did she get in such a wreck in the first place? I totally agree with the other reviews. If all these famous people think so highly of this ring, why do we not hear about it from them? Surely if it brought them so much luck, they would want to share that information with others, wouldn't they? I am also a single mom and will not waste my money on such a scam.
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My Uncle used to be lucky in everything. Then Maria Duval sent him this letter for the Ring of Re. The personalized portion of the letter stated the problems he WAS having ay that moment so he sent for a ring only he paid $40.00 for it.

Well his luck had never been so bad. He is losing his life's work, his home, everything pretty much acquired in 85 years of living. I tried to get him to chuck it but he still believes. He just shrugs and says, " But without the ring, maybe things would be much worse? Who knows? I will keep it. "

Plus he can't figure out how she knew his specific problems.

But how can we deal with people of superstition like that?

Sure she has more money than she can handle. She probably has money from one of her men, and all the many people she got money from.

I just got one today. It actually sounds threatening. " If you feel so lucky that you do not order this ring for $7.00 + 30 days guarantee I will not cash your check, what makes you believe that your good luck will stay with you? "

So what? I don't believe in this so that makes me feel lucky? Um no. Since October 2011 to this day still, my luck has been very bad, much worse than before. But I'm still not going to buy her ring of Re.

So is it a threat she will take my ' Good Luck ' away? lol! Too funny! My Father always taught me having bad luck was better than having no luck at all for out of all bad luck comes good luck if you are willing to look and see it. That is good enough for me. I do not need to research it. But I DID want to see what it looked like however, lol!



merhaba ben yüzüğü aldım 10 günde reenk attı.geri alacaklarını da sanmıyorum.gümüş değil olduğunada inanmıyorum.sahtecilikten başka bir şey değil


All are *** about ring of re. I can't

believed one ring of re can bring my luck.

If you send me this letter again I will su you.

Please guys don't send any penny to her, because

that is your luck.



I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. May God bless you.

I did recieve both letters. I believe in psychic abilities, but this woman is taking advantage of people big time. I had a bad feeling about her, and no one like this, sending out letters in the mail or otherwise, will ever get my money.

Best wishes for you. You have my prayers.


as hard as it is this day and time why would someone want to take advantage of someone. I recieved the letter a few days ago and i tell u no lie, I was going to borrow the money to order the ring but something told me to look up any information about this person or organization, im glad did thanks guys


Hi everyone.I just want to say that,I'm a person who enjoy studying on ancient culture an mystical god,my favor is the ancient Egyptian,and Greek.I can tell you this,that their has never been an Egyptian god ever name RE.only Ra,or Amen Ra.No RE.away do your home work, be for you give anybody your money.Thank you.


I agree with Michael, prayer will keep one much safer. I found this strange as I received this letter a few days after an attempted scam from Nevada also, or at least that is where he said he was located.

This man ask me if I was believer, stated how strong his faith was. When I researched his "International Winners Corp" and found it to be a hugh scam, I told him my findings.

This really faithful man's final words to me were "have a nice f-----g day". Wonder if he sold my name to this woman?


Not a chance from sounds evil any how..I will stick with church and prayer ... :grin


i received this letter today 6-22-11 and i also did research looking for info on the RING OF RE. nothing at all. plus im almost done reading the bible and there is no mention of it in there.


im a partially psychic person. everyone has the capabilities for that and each person is developed in the stages that they have learned in, as far as life teaching.

and as i was reading the letter from DESTINY/marie duval, i was receiving some energy from further down the page, which wasnt where i was reading yet. so i decided to see what was pulling me, and there was an ENLARGED picture of the design on the ring of re. and i realized, even as i am writing, that the power itself is in the design and placement. its basically ENERGY. so if you are dwelling on negative thoughts, then it will be magnified, and vice versa.

i believe, if you draw this EXACT design on anything, it will have the same power. the larger the better

im no nut case, and i dont like these scams either. for crying out loud, the least they could do was make the rings out of stainless steel or silver so that the jewelry would be able to be worn daily as a fashion statement.


This ladie should be filled up with her presents up to her neck, this maria duval is realy someting, cant enybody just lock her up, she play´s with peoples feelings man this is very evil, lucky her i dont know where she lives.

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Spokane, Washington
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Maria Duvall

The ring I received turned my finger green. Maria Duvall is scamming money from people who are desperate. Duvall wanted me to go to the casino and said i would win cash. The only green i got was on my finger.I ordered three rings and no one I gave them to has had any luck, my daughter said her's broke. Yet she continues to send her junk mail. If she was so in the know she would know that most of the people responding to her can't afford it. So please put your faith and money elsewhere. Deb
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I ordered the ring also,...very bad broke! Is it still lucky in 2 places?

I also sent her a letter saying if she can truly help people it is a gift and she should not be taking money from people in need. I just got a reply about all her "expenses", but I still have same opinion.

Cheap jewelery, and money from people in trouble equals someone out for themselves....what comes around goes around... :sigh


I wish I would have checked this site first. I sent in for my ring and have yet to receive it.

She charged my credit card and there is no indication as to where the ring is at the present time.

I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card company and tell them what happened. I would have been better off trying the lottery with that money.


thanks to all the comments here,she won't get me!!!!

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Elmore, Alabama

Maria duval ripped me off

maria duval promised me a money back garintee on products i sent back all she wanted from me is money now i am homeless and $5000.00 in debt i cant get a grant i need dental care and i have no money to pay for dental surgery all becouse she lied to me i have tried to get off the street now for 10 years and for 2 years i have begged for a full refund and all i get is ignored all i want is maria duval to go to jail for hurting people please help me i can be contacted at mysticsdream@***.net
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February 28, 2016

There is an old saying,,,,,,"You make your THEREFORE YOU ARE OBLIGED TO SLEEP ON IT."

You *** FOOLS...sending Maria Duval....MONEY YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE....."There must be a sucker born every minute".

You deserve to be tied to a post...and WHIPPED....until there is no more you.


stop writing me because you are not God and if you are as good as you say you are then tell me how much money i will win and if i win a large sum of money i will be more than happy to send the money you keep asking me but until then stop telling me these lies because you are not God




this maria duval is too good to be true,i haven't tried her offer but i don't think i will recently i have received a whole bunch of this kind of scams if i may say so, and i think to my self if this lady knows so much why doesn't she makes herself rich and then share her knowledge with the world instead of asking for money for what she knows about you and me get more info on this people before sending your money to this people who say that money back guaranteed if not satisfied,that is a lie because i have had stuff like this happened to me


i also do not belive that witch she only want money nothing else please dont belive in such things,belive in GOD and not her GOD can help you be strong and dont send money to that witch

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Eureka, Utah

Maria duval

WoW this lady has trick many people. I first heard about her when my mom got this ring of re from her after sending $20. And good thing I did because I care about my parents and I dont want anything happening to them. I read the letter that came with the ring that was full of ***. I think they send the same letter and just put the person's name in it to make them believe. I tell my mom that something bad is gonna happen or bad luck is around her and assumed that she and my dad are having marital problem (which they dont). What a bunch of bull. And in order for those thing not to happen just send her $45, so after reading the letter I went to the net and research Maria duval and I found hundred of site talking about her scam. thats why I writting just to warn people that if you recieve the letter just throw it out.
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My mother sent the ring back and they still have been taking out 45 dollars a month from her checking in the past 5 months and took out 90 dollars in one week ughhhhhh this junk makes me so madd


i wish that i would have thought about lookn on the net before i sent 45 dollars for something i never got

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Winston Salem, North Carolina

Ring of re is bad

i recieved my ring of re from maria duval and it was said to bring good luck but i have had the worst luck since i put it on my fringer. wed my lawnmower was stolen, thur my stove caught fire and fri my home was broken into. lets put it this way with the bad things that happened i broke the ring off my finger and put (my bad luck) in the trash. now i keep getting letters that asking for money to get my so called good luck. if she could see my future she would see i am a single mother without a lot of money to send to her. karen richmond, va
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Again, for the record, the ring of re is sold as a talisman. People please consider that it goes through different hands when made and shipped.Cleanse your ring with sage before putting it on.

You also have to have positive reasons opposed to negative ones for wanting a talismans. It can protect you from negativity from others, but not from your own.

as to Maria Duval being a witch, I will state that witches do not harm others , as it comes back 3 fold, no matter whether the witch is wiccan or Christian. Having problems with a car, stove on fire, losing a job has nothing to do with bad luck, check your own actions and you will see, that these problems came from your own actions.


I keep seeing comments here about witches and psychics and for the record there is a big difference between the 2 of them and a scam artist. I am Wiccan and I took the talisman she sent me and blessed it myself.

You would find if you checked into it that true witches do not scam hardworking people out of their money. We do not believe in doing anything to harm others as it comes back 3 fold.


Hi every one I just went to say that I am so glad that i read here i was suspost to send maria duvel 45$.00 to keep my luck in good but i did not sent to her yet. i got the pentalgram in the male and i was suspisious but i desided to send it i had some problems in my car and lost my jobs and hope the good luck would come.

need less to say that i am not having very good luck yet and it has been a month since i send the $10 for the pentalgram talisman. your right i think she is a witch not a phychic.


I received the letter also and i decided look this up and i,am so glad i did you will not be sending anything to her.


I got the ring of Re and within days my wash machine broke down, front car windshield broke, last two days at work have been a disaster and last but not least a full jar of mayo broke all over my kitchen carpet. Won't ever wear this ring again!


Thanks to all that has wrote about this ring of Re, and to the one that thinks that who ever bought this deserves what they got you will get yours for wishing anything bad on anyone and it will be worse than what these ppl have received trust me i know what i am talking about, you have just been worned. Now to the ppl who wrote about this witch i want to thank you for your information it has helped me to deside what i should do about this which is nothing but throw it all in the trash.



I received the same letter, but decided to check into this thing. Glad I did now..

sorry to all you who didn't!! Someone needs to find this Maria Duval and hang her up by her toe nails!!!


I just received this letter for the ring, I knew it was something I didn't want,however I wanted to look it up. I am sorry for those who had the bad luck, Satan works in all kinds of ways and this is one. Prayers to everyone.


i got this *** talisman with a pentagram on it (red flag #1) in the mail today! it seems what this whacky evil nutjob is really after is money but im not so sure!

sending people a pentagram talisman in the mail and telling people to sleep with it under there pillow is a little *** to me, not to mention the evil undertones of her signing her name with an up side down cross in it!

im no psychic but it seems to me no good can come from having anything to do with that nutjob! my advice is to steer clear and dont send her anything, especialy money!!!


I am so glad for you all, Guess my ring had just a bit of luck in it. I was working on the paper work this evening for the astrology reading which by the way was $45.00 I really do not have, yes I paid the $10.00 for the ring but that came with a 30 day money back guarantee.

she had me send post dated check, thank goodness has not been cashed yet I will stop payment on that and send her a few of these reviews and remind her of her guarantee. Thank You so much and God Bless you all for taking the time to let others know about this Witch not Psychic.

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Richmond, Virginia
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Took my money

maria duval ask for 25.00 dollars from to get me my lucky talisam and a report of my lucky days to come i sent her a money order on December 28th and not have heard from this person since i have tried to call her but her address keeps changing all i want now is my lucky talisman or my money back but i have no way of calling her. Also i would like to have her e-mail address so i can write this person and get this solved immediately. she has no problem writing me and asking for more money.
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Ths *** told me I was the luckest guy on earth and that if I send her45$ plus 15 so I can get some kinda ball on a chain.then this penny jes add cold water on it! C,i knew it was a scam cuz she spelld my name wrong,whoeva ths woman is lucky I was already I hope she burn n ***! :(


I think she is a liar .she sent me a letter telling me by the end of july 2010 I will be rich.guess what today its december 28 .iam broke as ***,but she still send me another letter today telling me about money coming on my way.and I have to send her 25dollars.and she is not getting even one cent from me.if she think she can make me rich.I prefer she does that first .then I will pay her back.what about that


she set me a letter sayin that if i give her 25,000 dollars she"ll send back more......good thing i researched her before i sent it ......then she sent a tailsman sayin u have to rinse it in clear runnin water...blah blah......dont send your money....or u gonna be broke like the rest of them.....


She is not registered anywhere on the Nevada Secretary of State business entity filings. Her mailings come out of Albany NY.

Contact the BBB in Albany, Sparks, NV as well as the FTC, the Direct Marketing Association, the USPS and anyone else you can think of. If you send back a letter certified with a return receipt by the USPS ordering her to stop mailing letters to you she is legally bound by it. If she sends another letter, keep it and submit it as evidence for mail fraud across state lines. It is then a Federal case.

The more people who do this the better. They WILL be found and then the US Secret Service and the US Justice Departments will step in.

They WILL find her with YOUR diligence. Get certified letters with return receipt.


As of Aug. 16, 2010 I got a letter from Maria with a return address (see below) but funny how it was mailed to me on Aug. 13, 2010 from ALBANY, NY

Maria Duval

c/o Destiny Research Center

1285 Baring Blvd. #411

Sparks, NH 89434-****


Yeah i gave maria duval 20 dollars and nothing she said would happen actually did. not to mention she never wrote back after she took my money and i never recieved that talisman she said she would gave me.


i am a solo mother of 3 boys and my income is only $90 per week maria asked me to pay her $60 and she would do a special reading on me and tell me how i can make all my money problems go away. well since i sent her my money i am still waiting and now i have given up hope.if you are thinking of sending maria any money then i strongly suggest that you dont she can sound very convincing but really shes all ***


i am trying to get my mom off this scam!!!! my mom is 79 years old and maria duval is scamming her for all the money she has....there must be a way to STOP THIS!


My name is Mitsue

I am 26yrs old.(Japanese korean)

I want to have any information of Maria Duval.

I am fan of her.

Please contact me


Always love World friends!!!



Maria Duval made an offer in our Sunday paper that was supposed to be free. When I opened the letter, there was four pages of repeating the same thing over and over which alerted me to the fact that this letter would end with me spending money.

The thing was, I hadn't open the letter until a second one arrived. The second one wanted less money. So, I decided to go on the internet and see what came up. I was not surprised at the results.

I wasn't about to send her any money in the first place. I don't like offers of help to gain finances when they turn around and ask for money. Isn't that why I got in touch with you? Because I was in need in for income?

Then why would you start out by asking me for money. That would come later, if what you said to me was true.

I tried another place called California Psychics. When nothing worked for me, I can honestly say that they did return my money.

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Sioux City, Iowa
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U are all ***!!!! maria duval...

i think that you are telling lies...why do u prey on people that listen to your *** have sucked in my grand father but you haven't pulled your strings around me mate...stop sending the *** to my grandfather or i will get the cops wanna be psyhic...people like u give the real ones a bad name....and any way i want a refund on all that money my grandfather has sent u ......dont worry about proof i've got that so you better have that money ready to send back....your nothing but a scam artist.... i hope people are not that gullably to listen to your *** that comes out of your mouth... a very pissed off person
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I have receive 2 letter from her one with a talisman for $10 and one with the Ring of Re offer for $14 I decided to do some research before i went ahead and send money to this woman. I thing is that I dont even know how she got my mailing address but i am going to send her a certify letter like someone suggested asking her to stop sending me her junk mail and if she doesnt stop I will report her but.

For the people that got the bad luck ring i would sent it back to her to see if she gets some of it too! Good luck everyone!


Why is there no site that lists these notorious Scammers – Internet or direct mail scammers???


Thank you iam glad i looked this up saved me so money she want ge anymore of my money.Glad it was only $10.00


Thanks to all of you. I was so close to sending her $10.

I was and still am that desperate. Just think of the money this _____ is making off this scam.

She will pay some day when she dies but not with my money. Thanks Again


:( I gave her $10 in hopes that i could win to help pay for my college. I knew it was a scam and yet I was too desprate to realize it.

None of you are dumb. Just like me.

Everyone wants that little bit of hope to survie successfully in this world and I don't blame any of you. I am glad I found this site before I sent here more.


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x how could you not know this is a scam? God you people are dumb.


Have not send any money yet thanks I thought this was to good to be true. want sent any money no matter how many letters. What God has for me is for me.


true ceramic pro hot iron,what a joke,the plates chiped in 2 weeks,i called the company left a message,no one called me back,i wrote to them and no response,guess i lost $50.00.that makes me sooo mad!!! :(

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