Maria duval is a scam and she stole my money


i sent destiny research center a check that was promised not to cash for 30 days well i sent the ring back no luck did it bring me and destiny research center hurried up and cashed the check 1 week after they recieved the ring back she has sent me about 8 letters wanting money and she told me in the last letteer that she performed an occult spell on me and i better accept her offers and send her money for tailsman she had no permission to do this to me now i'm very scared that she put a bad spell on me i can't sleep i hear things moving around in my apartment at night and it ain't mice i'm very fearful of her i can't even eat she said she almost got stuck in my past life and i have an evil presence around me and i have to send her 90.00 for her to get rid of it and don't believe this but i'm still scared i pray to our lord to help me and keep her away from me. don't send her any money she's evil and she will drain you of all your beliefs and money i've reported her to the consumer fraud agency and i will be involved in a class action law suit against her.


Monetary Loss: $10.


Christmas Ape

Ms. Duval's occult ritual is disrupting your life, hmm?

Perhaps some kind of alliance between yourself, the Boogieman, and Zeus can protect you.

F'ing lunatic. Could we reserve this site for people who got scammed buying REAL THINGS?

:( :( I feel terible for you!!! Do not let her get away with this!

I just received a letter from her stating how she can help me and please send her money and buy so *** ring of re for my protection and good luck.I thank you for your posting and all the others I seen. after I received the letter I decided to look it up to learn more.Keep you head high and don't get sucked into all the garbage she is telling you she is feeding on the weak,poor,single,people and should not get away with any of this she needs to got to JAIL for all that she is doing. Listen to me she doesn't have the power to cast spells on anyone that is just plain crazy. The things you are expiercncing are of your own thoughts because she is making you believe in them.

Don't let her get to you in that way & you will be fine.Also follow thru with any and all lawsuits etc. you can don't let her get away with this make her pay for everything she has put you thru!!!!!I am sure there are many others that will follow suit also and she will be STOPPED!!

Maria Duval won't stop bugging me!

Not resolved

I was silly enough to fall for this scam 6 months ago. Once i realised it was a scam i threw the info i recieved away believing that would be the end of the matter.

I was wrong. since then I have recieved at least, a letter a week, i have returned all to sender and yet they still arrive. I am now throughly pissed off and whish to warn others about this scam. if caught in this trap Do Not Send Money!

No Matter What. Return all letters to sender (my letters come from Singapore!)and if you can find the website and remove your details!



get money back from Europe Asia Marketing Pte Ltd in singapore, unit 07-86, 10 ubi crescent, singapore. contact person


My Nan kept getting letters from this lady and I saw them I kept telling her this was a scam and stopped her from sending money now my question is if she is a clairvoyant and spirit medium how come she is still sending mail to a dead person as my nan passed away please explain

:? Maria Duval keeps sending letters to my husband and he foolishly continues to send her money. The only luck he'll ever have will be through his Lord Jesus Christ.

All this cash makes this scam artist rich. Can the Las Vegas police dept put a stop to her scamming?
Maria Duvall is into the occult! Even her letters in my home are against my faith!!

Has anyone been able to stop her letters? :( :cry
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Maria Duval in Langhorne, Pennsylvania - Marie Duval-Destiny Research Center is stealing our money. Gov. should step in.

Not resolved

Maria Duval promised me she could change my luck. Send 45.00 for one thing, send 45.00 for cosmic lamp (did not receive).

Now she just sent me another letter for 45.00 and 65.00, to perform some magic and send me yet again another piece of luck. All I am paying for is letters. She said on 01/03/10, something major was going to happen to me. I received the letter on 01/12/10.

Which was a date I was to win some money. Then I am supposed to win the lottery tonight (01/13/10). I not holding my breath. Someone should step in and get our money back.

Maybe plus more, for simple reason of scaming people, whioh most are proberly poor. You can use my name.

Monica Dufrene, Louisiana


Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1249157

Call channel 10 news investigaters they will get Maria Duvall whatever her name is. get busted for her scams.l...

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1249155

Call the channel 10 News . The investigater for 10 news will help you.

He has help many. Show him all these replies on here to him so he can see how many were scam and still getting scamed.. I think his name is Harry.

Team 10 investigaters. Hope this helps you all.


I have also sent money to maria duval. nothing shee has said has come true. I wonder how she got my name and adress.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #585501

BULL *** SCAM! Preying on the elderly is a crime.


im a believer of many sorts...but truth be told...marie duval is indeed a fraud...although i have lost $20.00 to recieve her rings...never did get, neither will you, so be smarter than i was and save your money...repot this woman and help us stop this scam artist in her tracks....


I recieved the letter from Maria Duval company. Said that the #8 would be my lucky number.

I played the lotter and won the pick 3 twice. Then the dates shifted with the leap year day added to the calander. I also found other numbers but was reluctant to bet, however it did come in.

I was afraid to bet because there was the leap year extra date added in the calander. HOWEVER, I wish I would have be4t because it was lucky and the pick 3 and pick 4 CAME IN.

to Kate #1117882

You're an *** of course. If someone could truly predict what the winning lotto numbers would be, why would they offer to tell you and not just pick the numbers them self?

I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.


Maybe its your destiny to suffer when you do *** things.

My Mama always says; "If your goona be dumb, you better be tough!"


Consider it a investment in your education!

*** is as *** does.

If your *** enough to send money based on the Destiny Research BS then you deserve what you get.

Get a brain!

:cry :? :( :x :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :) :grin :grin ;) 8) :p :eek :(

I too sent money orders to MariaDuval/DestinyResearch.I feel so low right now because I was sucked in.

to Patricia #660628

My mom keeps sending Marie Duvall and her Destiny Research company money through the mail. I sent numerous letters back to them to take her off the mailing list, but they do not respond.

They just keep sending the letters asking for more money and promising her good luck!

How can I stop this company? My mom is very ill, and a very vunerable old woman.


I have always received everything I have ordered. So don't spend money on things, only on words.

This is always a hope, the future is always a future, be glad you can hope for something better. Everyone creates their own destiny.


I had received a letter from Maria Duval-Destiny Research center,asking money for ring of re...I sent a $10.00 check and I didn't receive anything.

Please don't trust Maria like me.She is stealing our hard working money.


i got those ring but it didn't help my luck. i pay $45.00 for a protection for me .

noing that she said came true to me. she have got $100.00 of my money because she said i would win a big sum of money and i stilled waiting for it.


To memeo: When Your down on your luck, and everything is falling apart, some of us want to believe in these things. You see mediums on real TV shows all the time.Unlke most I am unemployed with no income or savings, so yes I was ***. BUT I WANTED TO BELIEVE AND PRAYED THINGS WOULD GET BETTER.


Just got letter in mail to order ring , with picture of car as well, I too am so upset someone or something got my address, the best part of this is while reading the letter I told myself this cain't be mightier than God! I felt guilty if I would have even thought this ring would over power the power of God, as I was headed for the trash, puzzled why I received this info, immediately, Google came to mind !

Normaly I would just get rid of it, I guess God was confirming his power to me, WOW thanks for info!! We need to pray for the innocent people that are victims of this scam.

to Sheri Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #766881

I have bren researching Physics for about 5 years.I will say that it

became expensive.I put aside a certian amount of money that I would

Spendfor each month. THE RESULTS ARE IN! my conclusion is that

90% Of these people are scam artists.Well the other 10% , if your

Lucky to find, could make you win a small jackpot.When one physic

Told me to keep playing the pic4,I laughed at her in my mind and

Decided too end the research project. June 19 on a Monday that

number came out. I was supposed to bet $5 straight., it payed

$3.900.00 for a fifty cent bet

You do the math MAMBOO

I have also been "sucked" in by Maria Duval and after some time and reading everyone else's complaints I must also say that she should be held accountable and we all need to wise up and keep our hard working money and if in doubt research, research and research some more. So much for believing, just throw the *** in the garbage where it belongs.

Fraud is Fraud. :( :sigh :eek :? :?

I did send in $10 and half the talisman for Maria Duval to perform a full moon ritual on my behalf. I needed something to believe in and I guess the saying is true...If you don't believe in something you will fall for anything.

The letters thereafter correlated with events in my life(or I thought they did)but each and everyone asked for $40+$5 handling fee. I'm under employed-just trying to make ends meet so I can't afford to dish out money for all the omens and harmony trinkets. She could've got me for more had I not had the sense to google Maria Duval/Destiny Research Center.

I must be on a sucker list. Shame on SCAMMERS praying on those with HOPE!


I was going to send back two letter.One was about a ring and about cut a coin in half. I got in the mail .If you all are like me .I need to keep all my money.So thank you all so much.

I'm so glad I read what you all have said . I get the letter today 7-20-2011 so if you get a letter saying thay can give you good luck put it in the trash. :)

me and my lovly wife were looking at this letter and noticed right away that something was wrong. We took a second look and got a second opinion on this letter she sent to us. We didnt like the fact that she right away in so many words if you didn't notice she is asking fo a piece of your soul(place the talisman on your chest). We agreed right away that our soul belongs to God.

Jesus said, "Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everone accoding to what he has done."

Revalation 22:12

This is the second time she has sent me a letter promising me that i will be rich. I thank you for letting me everybody else that it is a ripe off. :(

I just got in mail, I love Egyptian stuff and that alone I would have mailed for the rings. I know there is no luck in a ring.

I just Liked the ring, but I see now I wouldn't even get the ring.

I thank you for posting. I would be out 40$ best of luck to you all.


I dont care if you are retired or poor or rich and working.....a scam is a scam is a scam is a scam. People!

Come on! How *** do you have to be to fall for this ***?


I do know when I receive something in the mail making promises I will receive lots of luck and money if I send money it is a scam. It is if the retired people are there biggest targets.

I receive things like this everyday and I get so tired of it all.I just throw it in the trash. I two wish the government could do something or the postmaster general.

i received this letter last week from this lady. what she thinks i am a fool that she can change my life for just 10 bucks
forget that.....
:cry :cry
My mother has sent $765 before I found out about it. I have notified the BBB in NV hoping to shut these thief's down.

I just wish my mother would have talked to me first before sending all this money. Maybe the BBB can do something buy I really doubt it. If I was in NV I would sit and watch for the crook to come and pick up the mail.

Now that could be interesting. :( :( :(
I also recieved a letter from Maria Duval asking for money just 10.00 and she will give me 25,000.00.. Luck, Love, Happy Relationship, Friendships that will last.

Im glad I got on here and read some of your comments before I sent the money because like most of you I do need my money. Thanks :grin
Huge thank you to all of you for opening up my eyes.. Not 5 mins ago did I complete the secrete form, cut the coin in half so the half moons are on each side and ready to send it in..

Jan 4 would be the black moon and she would ask for $35,000, love friendship and happiness..

HAHAHAH Im putting my 10 bucks back in my wallet and Jan 4 I will celebrate without Maria Duval.. :zzz

Hi i get the letter today i am glad i searching before i send them back thank you for reporting all scam so many innocent people get into its thank you guys


1285 barling blvd sparks nv IS A *** RIP OFF! DON'T BE FOOLED.

I've sent 45 dollars and i get nothing but more letters asking for more money. These people should be punished.


1285 barling blvd sparks nv IS A *** RIP OFF! DON'T BE FOOLED.

I've sent 45 dollars and i get nothing but more letters asking for more money. These people should be punished.


1285 barling blvd sparks nv IS A *** RIP OFF! DON'T BE FOOLED.

I've sent 45 dollars and i get nothing but more letters asking for more money. These people should be punished.


I hate to be the one to inject a note of sanity into the proceedings, but anyone who really believes that a total stranger who sent you a form letter is going to change your life....well, it may be harsh, but you deserve to be "ripped off." Why not just sned me your money? I'll put it to good use, and the results you get will be exactly the same.


The address of destiny research center, 1285 baring blvd #411, sparks, nevada is actually a UPS store. This is post office box.

maldita vieja si supo como sacarle el dinero a la gente de todas partes del mundo que se pudra y luego quiere que le tengan confianza me pregunto si siquiera se llama a si la pinche vieja :eek
Im so glad that I reseash first, and thank you guys for all your comments this way I wont get rip off like everyone else did. and please excuse my french buy *** her she is a *** :(

hi, she is working all over the world; I have paid her 70 euro and got just the typical 13 pages letter that she use for everyone. she asked me to send extra money ( 100 eur) to get in a more detailed preview for me.

the addres she is using in belgium is:

Marie Duval

p/a Postbus 112

c/o Boîte Postale 112

2910 Essen 1 - Belgium

I never hear anything again


the above complaint does not match with the title shown on the search page.


Hi I am one *** person that sent her money. I got a ring and 2 days later I won the lottery. I guess I should check people out better.

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Maria duval

Not resolved

I saw her add in usa today back on Sept I wrote her as a joke and it was funny what she promise me but I had to send 45dollars seen this scam a mile away but what stop me when she ask for my hair okay jokes over you go your way and I will go mine I still gets letters got one today which goes straight in the trash but what's screwed upon is where I g. ot the article from every week I got usa today but since September I haven't read any How can a respectfull paper allow scam artist to advertise woulded they say your money is no good here. I guess not it don't matter who get hurt so long the big people get paid

Maria Duval in Chicago, Illinois - Receive letter

Not resolved

I also receive letter from her. everywords she decribe for me looked real and I thought let me check on internet and do research and I found this.

Cant believe all she does is scam. She asked me 25.00 and the address is in Canada. I leave in Canada and now she is scaming people in Canada. Her address is Destiny Research Centre 14-3650 Langstaff Road#100 Woodbridge ,ON L4L 9A8.

So this could be her new Canada address .

She has made all USA people fool and now its Canada. Thank that I decided to read before taking any actions





i have not heard from yet i have not receive money yet 1-22-10

Maria Duval took my money and asked for mor!


Maria Duval, maybe the devil's daughter! She took my monies and asked for more.

onnce in awhile she returned some but in the end she had ripped me off for $350 some and would not repay as the letters said were "guaranteed". How can she go on lieing to so many and sleeping well??? Then to have the nerve to send me other letters. Well, I am pissed off!

But, I've learned a good lesson. I will reply to her just to bother her conscience and make her read as much as she made me.Worth the reply.


:? :? Sorry to learn the news bout Maria Duval, I just received two letters one week after another. Just mailed some money so I.ll get back at yoy within the next few week.s Thankyou very much for the heads-up.

I had recieved the letter in the mail and sent in a total of 100 dolars for three different things, i recieved one item but then the rest of the mail i recieved after was not what i had ordered but it was just more mail saying that i need to get this item or that item for my purpass to come true or be fufilled. i got tired of waiting today and desided to look up maria daval on line to see that its happens alot to many other people.


Hey I can relate... The *** or company-

Whatever this scam is... Took me for some

money too but not as much as you... I'm sorry for the amount these *** took you for... This is ***, why isn't anything being done about this? Why is this allowed to continue? Can't they hold someone responsible and get all of us victims together for a class action suit so these *** can pay up and leave vulnerable people alone!!! We only went this route because we've tried everything

else & when the *** claims to be doing everything with the "backing of God", why

would we think it's a scam? I mean what kind of person or company (whatever!!) would take your money with false promises that God has a plan for you - through THEM?! "With her or (their) help. So we believe and get taken... Some who are at their wits end like the elderly, who just want to get well, or get out of their financial bind of prescriptions or food, you know what I mean? It's an atrocity when you think of our elderly victims!! We're desperate, have tried everything else and just want this "Ray of Hope" to shine through and help us! This sickens me to no end! I hope everyone involved suffers the insufferable, the unimaginable pains of *** that can be brought and inflicted upon their souls, their lives, their well-being, and whatever else that can make them pay for what they've done - or should I say -"HAVEN'T DONE"!

Maria Duval in Statesville, North Carolina - This is third time they tried to scam me.

Not resolved

I know this company has been kicked around from country to country praying on people that are in hard times.They get there information from a service that records opportunity seekers from whom they receive from your response from another mail fraud,including your d.o.b.and address.This company seems to be working from out of Sparks NV.which is where there recent letters have came from,now i am not one to say that they don't bring good fortune to people who believe in skepticism,but one must put forth a effort to believe that there is a higher power that can solve all there problems,and faith is the power greater then all...W.W.J.D.

Maria Duval in Miami, Florida - Asked for $45 to give me lucky numbers. nothing came.


Maria Duval operating under Destiny research Center, Sparks NV. is now operating out a new location .

She sends letters asking for money to give you lucky numbers, warns you of something that may happen if you don't let her help you. After I sent the money, never heard another word. I uncderstand she used to operate out of Canada. This is a very dangerous thing, especially warning of something bad that may happen.

I have been diagnosed with cancer in Feb., have had surgery, all lymph nodes removed, and am still receivng follow up treatment.

warnings like this are very frightening. what can be done to stop her.



As if your life would have been changed forever if you had actually received a half-dozen random numbers in the mail. You would have paid $45 for something you could do with a Google search for "Java Dice Roller" and two minutes of your time.


maria duval acually it is a group of people they get your address and then phone number lace your home with cameras and microphones and film you having sex of a shower and sell you on the internet in another country ,then they will put some kind of medication in your furnace so when its turned on it will make you dosile and halusinate,you should check your home for any drilled holes in it this is the way that they insert the medication to lull you and they will spay colonge and things that will make you very sick they will come into your home when your not there and steel your posessions they stem from grand bend ontario, toronto ontario, california usa, london ontario,they have homes there drive hummers and cryslers and fancy sports cars all with our money they will be stopped i have a very good idea of who some of them are


This the biggest bunch of bull$*@* to come in the mail. You've got be out of your mind to believe any part of this adulterate ***!!!!!!

Somebody needs to take this so-called phoney

physic out - What a leech on society!!


Oh my god. You are truly retarded.


nothing will stop her as long as there are gullible ppl like you out there.

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One lucky man that didnt fall for maria duval scam

Not resolved

Folks, the address for maria duval isn't where you might think it is. maria is working out of Canada.

I drove to the post office at Sparks, NV the mail is transfer elsewhere. On the back of the envelope it has stamp printed in Canada that will give you a clue of sender.

The United States government cant touch her while she living in Canada, sorry for all your lost. At lease my gut told me Maria letters was to good to be true, i did purchase the ring for $10.00 i didn't get a refund That all i lost

Monetary Loss: $10.



she got me for 180.00 that I couldn't afford


02/16/10 I recieved a letter from Ms Maria Duval stating that I will win $25,000.00 right away and by March 15th somthing else will happen just send her $10 because the first one was free. What ever that means?

I Thank God That he is my beginning and my end. I don't have to fall for these kind of scams>>>

01/06/10 - THIS IS HORRIBLE! I don't know how people sleep at night!

Just recently lost my job after 25 years, waiting on my retirement to come thru, almost lost our house, etc.....then I get her letter in the mail - decided to check it out and this is what I find???? :sigh

yup today i recieved another letter with a talisman! lol..

on the back of the envelope it said recycle, the envelope consisted of atleast ten pages of paper and another two evelopes!!! wow!!

im glad i didnt fall for it, thanks for the shiny thing maria duval!! you arent getting anything shiny from me!!!

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Maria Duval in Barrie, Ontario - DESTINY RESEARCH CENTRE

1 comment

What is she some kind of sick twisted b#*&%. She sent us a copy of some car crash if I did'nt order this ring.

What is wrong with her head. Someone needs to stop her. All she wants to do is steal people's hard earned money. BUG off Maria!!!!!

Stop sending out your bull *** to everyone. We don't need you taking from people or your *** ring that no one gets anyway. We all need an apology from you, you crazy nut.

Company that needs to be looked at is Destiny Research Centre, 14-3650 Langstaff Rd.


Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 9A8. Someone should stop in to that office and put a stop to this person.



There is no office. It's a Mailbox Etc outlet...

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