Maria Duval in Vancouver, British Columbia - Sent unsolicited letter asking for money promsing luck and money


I am completely pissed off because I was scammed out of $25 too! She sent me these rings that first of all fell apart and then lost their colour and made my fingers itchy!

What a huge scam and I'm pissed at myself for falling for such a trick.

What can be done about this type of scams that obviously take advantage of people who are struggling and put their faith in false hope. Isn't it against the law for companies to give out one's address, i.e., other subscriptions to magazines? How else does she get hold of one's address??

Live and Learn - BR


:) :grin :p :sigh :p :eek :upset :zzz :x :sigh :?



I almost fell for her letter and promises I am gland I saved my money it is sad she preys on desperate people in these desperate times.





Maria Duval in Jacksonville, North Carolina - Cashed check did not receive product

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Not resolved

I'M happy to find this website to see what is going on with the company's that scam people and think it is ok.i purchased something and never received it ,last check was cashed but no product received but i continue to get new offers in the mail every other day telling me to send more money but the buck stops asking for a refund plus closing my account.its a shame to be in the richest country in the world and get ripped off. the state,government should do more to bring these crooks to justice.

Monetary Loss: $45.



Maria Duval in Richardson, Texas - Did not receive product promised check cashed

Not resolved

Maria Duval/DestinyResearch Group are the same company. I too sent $20.00 for Re Ring never received it after waiting a month and a half.

But yet they still send you their garbage. They are very slick. i cancelled my check under Destiny Research but they sent an electronic payment to my bank even after I had cancelled the check under Maria Duval and was PAID by my bank. Whey are nothing

but low downed evil scam artist and are laughing at everyone that has paid them.

I am going to contact

the Attorney General Office for my state.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Maria duval

Not resolved

lmao greaaaaat cuz i sent for my 10 dollar ring of re eight days ago and still havent got it yet if it does something for me ill let you know lol well hopefully it does me good since i have so much bad luck as it is if i get bad luck im gettin my money back definitly if i get in car crash ive never heard of anything more dumb then to wear this *** thing anyway sounds like shes hard up on money but she looks so old why would an old lady do such a thing to begin with sounds like a yet another scam

Monetary Loss: $10.

Maria Duval in Bellevue, Washington - Turn it in to your states attorney


You need to turn this into your states attorneys office, as I have done. This is just another of those scams that suck good people in.

If enough of us do this no matter where we are, we can get a class action suite against her/company. They want a hundred words so here I am writing to meet that.

which by the way is silly. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 xoxoxo

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Monetary Loss: $40.

Maria Duval in Spokane, Washington - Regarding the Ring of Re


I received the same letter,same picture today. My skepticism led me to investigate.

This is the only site that came up for the supposed Ring of Re. I have found nothing in Egyptian history about it.

Also, if it was so lucky, how did she get in such a wreck in the first place?

I totally agree with the other reviews. If all these famous people think so highly of this ring, why do we not hear about it from them?

Surely if it brought them so much luck, they would want to share that information with others, wouldn't they? I am also a single mom and will not waste my money on such a scam.


My Uncle used to be lucky in everything. Then Maria Duval sent him this letter for the Ring of Re. The personalized portion of the letter stated the problems he WAS having ay that moment so he sent for a ring only he paid $40.00 for it.
Well his luck had never been so bad. He is losing his life's work, his home, everything pretty much acquired in 85 years of living. I tried to get him to chuck it but he still believes. He just shrugs and says, " But without the ring, maybe things would be much worse? Who knows? I will keep it. "
Plus he can't figure out how she knew his specific problems.
But how can we deal with people of superstition like that?
Sure she has more money than she can handle. She probably has money from one of her men, and all the many people she got money from.
I just got one today. It actually sounds threatening. " If you feel so lucky that you do not order this ring for $7.00 + 30 days guarantee I will not cash your check, what makes you believe that your good luck will stay with you? "
So what? I don't believe in this so that makes me feel lucky? Um no. Since October 2011 to this day still, my luck has been very bad, much worse than before. But I'm still not going to buy her ring of Re.
So is it a threat she will take my ' Good Luck ' away? lol! Too funny! My Father always taught me having bad luck was better than having no luck at all for out of all bad luck comes good luck if you are willing to look and see it. That is good enough for me. I do not need to research it. But I DID want to see what it looked like however, lol!

merhaba ben yüzüğü aldım 10 günde reenk attı.geri alacaklarını da sanmıyorum.gümüş değil olduğunada inanmıyorum.sahtecilikten başka bir şey değil


All are *** about ring of re. I can't

believed one ring of re can bring my luck.

If you send me this letter again I will su you.

Please guys don't send any penny to her, because

that is your luck.



I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. May God bless you.

I did recieve both letters. I believe in psychic abilities, but this woman is taking advantage of people big time. I had a bad feeling about her, and no one like this, sending out letters in the mail or otherwise, will ever get my money.

Best wishes for you. You have my prayers.


as hard as it is this day and time why would someone want to take advantage of someone. I recieved the letter a few days ago and i tell u no lie, I was going to borrow the money to order the ring but something told me to look up any information about this person or organization, im glad did thanks guys


Hi everyone.I just want to say that,I'm a person who enjoy studying on ancient culture an mystical god,my favor is the ancient Egyptian,and Greek.I can tell you this,that their has never been an Egyptian god ever name RE.only Ra,or Amen Ra.No RE.away do your home work, be for you give anybody your money.Thank you.


I agree with Michael, prayer will keep one much safer. I found this strange as I received this letter a few days after an attempted scam from Nevada also, or at least that is where he said he was located.

This man ask me if I was believer, stated how strong his faith was. When I researched his "International Winners Corp" and found it to be a hugh scam, I told him my findings.

This really faithful man's final words to me were "have a nice f-----g day". Wonder if he sold my name to this woman?

Not a chance from sounds evil any how..I will stick with church and prayer ... :grin

i received this letter today 6-22-11 and i also did research looking for info on the RING OF RE. nothing at all. plus im almost done reading the bible and there is no mention of it in there.


im a partially psychic person. everyone has the capabilities for that and each person is developed in the stages that they have learned in, as far as life teaching.

and as i was reading the letter from DESTINY/marie duval, i was receiving some energy from further down the page, which wasnt where i was reading yet. so i decided to see what was pulling me, and there was an ENLARGED picture of the design on the ring of re. and i realized, even as i am writing, that the power itself is in the design and placement. its basically ENERGY. so if you are dwelling on negative thoughts, then it will be magnified, and vice versa.

i believe, if you draw this EXACT design on anything, it will have the same power. the larger the better

im no nut case, and i dont like these scams either. for crying out loud, the least they could do was make the rings out of stainless steel or silver so that the jewelry would be able to be worn daily as a fashion statement.


This ladie should be filled up with her presents up to her neck, this maria duval is realy someting, cant enybody just lock her up, she play´s with peoples feelings man this is very evil, lucky her i dont know where she lives.


I recieved 2 letters from Maria Duval and the Destiny Research Center. I fell for this scam.

Sent $20.00 for 2 rings and $10.00 for some kind of good luck something or other on 4/3/2011- during the black moon. Has anyone ever gotten anything out of this? Has anyone ever gotten their money back? I have cancer and 3 months left to live.

I thought what do I have to lose I am going to die. No change in my luck yet. I am still poor and I am still going to die. The only question I really have is how did this woman get my address?

How did she know I was broke?

How did she know I was going to die? What the *** is this sh**?


If you have a real gift of sight, that comes from God and their is no cost for that. It is said in the Bible that you don't put a price on God's gifts.

Marie Callas or what ever her fake name's are, she asked for $100.00 AU!!! Every time I receive her letters they find a place alright...right in my bin! :grin

I received the same letter but not from the person you have all mentioned, it was from a woman called Marie Callas.


What a waste of a good tree! My flyer has a price of $7.00 + a $3.00 s&p charge.

This letter, this woman, this "good luck" *** is just that, ***! Oh my gosh!

I can't believe people actually send in their money and buy these things. Talismans and rings that are ADJUSTABLE (meaning they are bendy and cheap) and all this garbage. My Ring of Re would only cost me $25 according to the letter I got today.

So, who else got screwed with the $45 bit and now I'm getting a discount???!!! Oh man :(
I agree with llasua If she was wearing the ring how did she get in such an accident. I received the picture and letter today and personally I think this ring is just another scam to get your money.

I have two young kids and a husband who travels a lot The 45.00 requested by her. I would rather use for food and clothes for me my husband and kids. At least I know the outcome of my expenses. Also How do we know this woman
didn't just walk outside her door one day and took a picture of a car that was in a similar accident trying to push it off as her own.

Why waste your time on such Bull**** if you or someone you know receive this letter I advise you to just tear it up and throw it away.
:roll :upset :p

I will write you letters confirming your every wish and desire for the small sum of $100.00 per month. All you have to do is believe me and your dreams will come true, your fortunes will improve and your love life will never be lacking.


I am a winner and not a wine er.

I comand the next power ball grand prize to be won by me and my house hold.

Watch me win big.

I will be on the news.

OWYA...Its good to be me.

I comand it so it will be.

Not out of gread but so i can help the ones in need.


She told me i will be super wealthy soon.

Cant wait.


Maria has predicted & wrote me things that would happen like a child & now I am a proud father of a 6 month old. She predicted the date of conseption to the day.

She had wrote my family would expand on the week on June 23 (the date my baby was concieved). I am ordering the Ring of Re just as I have ordered many other things such as talismans & I Ching cards. I am proud to say ever since she has been writing me my life has improved quickly. I'm in a secret society aswell & with the combination of the knowledge I have access to & her guiding me I have started me own business.

When I didn't listen to her saying there was a negative force & she needed to do an urgent connection to me for free. I just had to send a date & time where I would meditate to connect to her. I didn't do this & one of my associates totally screwed me over. "If it sounds to good to be true, it is" is Bull!@#$.

My dreams have manifested in such short times I will not make the mistake of not taking her guidence, even if it's a crok of !@#$ I'm positive since we've been exchanging letters & thats worth it. actually I believe your wish is your command. The Law of Attraction is pretty much what she preaches. This lawe is as definate as the law of gravity.

My society deeply studies this law & astrophysics & its members are the most richest people in the world, as well as the most succesful people,kings etc for 2300 years. You could be a slave to a clock for ever or become a creator. Best of luck sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith but remember nothing will make you happy or successful in any way if you only read or wear a talisman you have to put in the work & obtain the knowledge to succeed. These things can & do aid you on your journey however.

Be your own judge, are you happy with where you are? if you think not then you need to take daily action to make it better.


I wonder if this is the same ring that the Pharaoh had on when Moses was kicking his *** then closed the Red Sea on him..! ha.ha.ha.


Marie Duval is hot an i would scew the *** out of her. An the ring wors guys.


I find it soo hard to believe that 45.00 is the only thing holding back good luck for me. If the good Lord sees fit to give me good luck, then I'm sure 45.00 will not be the deciding factor.


why cant we believe in something like this. those of us who have a truly crappy life need to be able to believe something will happen that will make it better. also, when maria got into the car crash she wasnt wearing a ring.

:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

It is to good to be true.....

God is the only one that knows you. People can say what want about psychics', but the devil also know your thoughts and desires.

He comes in all different forms. I am with DTexan.

I will keep my faith in God. I know I will be okay without a doubt.


Please don't ever order thise stuff. Even if you are just curious.

It invites EVIL around you. God Bless, and keep your faith with GOD.

:sigh :x :cry :p 8) :? :cry :roll :) :grin ;)
:zzz :upset :?

:zzz :sigh :x :cry :eek

:roll :eek

:cry :cry
I guess all the people who have been helped, don't have to check it out with the internet. So how do we know that it didn't work for some of the people
:roll :roll

70 or not I would lay her on my lap to give her a good spanking than turn her to the authorities to get a long awaiting prison term!!!


First of all check your letter tomake sure it is really from Maria Duvall and the Destiny research center, Youwill find that she is very real, very psychic and the ring of re is also very realy and it does work if you allow your self only positive thinking. If you are always a skeptic you will find nothing but negative caused by only you.

I turned a ife of working t fast food restraunts into finding myself doing commercails on t.v.because she told me that I should.

pay attention to your letters there is couple of people out there trying to make money off of the real maria duval. However she is real and what she tells you is real.


Im gulpped in. I ordered 6 of them, for presents.I have worn one turns finger black and pinches skin.

Then it breaks in half.

boo hoo. Says all replacement of money, sure,NOT


I got the letter and immediately thought that if the ring was so lucky, why was she in such a horrible car crash? Then I looked it up on internet and thanks to all, good job on sharing the truth!


I just received the same letter with the pic of a crashed car and the offer of a "good luck" ring. I did the same thing and researched maria and the ring and came upon this site. Thank you all for your input, it kept me from making a mistake about a cool ring.


i just received the letter also, she didn't even have my box# correct. ican't find anything about this ring. she should be stopped from scamming people.


I just recieved the letter. I wil tell you that I would have ordered the ring but it is a good thing I came to this site. Thanks.......




Zero mention in Egyptian history. I nearly fell for this scam untill I got online and searched it up.

You gotta admit, with the right idea, and a decent amount of effort, any SCAM ARTIST can make off with a fortune. Thanks to sites like this we add to the possible defenses against people like them.


It sounds like a lot of people may have made Ms. Duval rich by falling for this scam.

Keep in mind, "if it's too hard to beleive, then don't fall for it". I'm glad didn't.




I received the same letter in the mail for the 'Ring of Re' - thanks for me searching the web and reading what the consumer have stated. I would have ordered to.

Stay away from SCAM like this one. DON"T ORDER.


That was my same thought when I received the letter with the picture of the wrecked suv. I looked at my wife and said, "If that *** ring is so lucky, Why did she even have such a horrible accident in the first place. What a scam!!!!


I just got the letter in the mail from so called miss duval claiming Ring of Re would bring me good luck. 3rd letter this month i've gotten from these kind of ppl.

Have researched all of them and they are trying to take advantage of good ppl like me and you. I'm tired of it.

Don't order let them get they're money like we do. Hard work.

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Maria Duvall

Not resolved

The ring I received turned my finger green. Maria Duvall is scamming money from people who are desperate.

Duvall wanted me to go to the casino and said i would win cash. The only green i got was on my finger.I ordered three rings and no one I gave them to has had any luck, my daughter said her's broke. Yet she continues to send her junk mail.

If she was so in the know she would know that most of the people responding to her can't afford it. So please put your faith and money elsewhere.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #694997
I ordered the ring also,...very bad broke! Is it still lucky in 2 places?

I also sent her a letter saying if she can truly help people it is a gift and she should not be taking money from people in need. I just got a reply about all her "expenses", but I still have same opinion.

Cheap jewelery, and money from people in trouble equals someone out for themselves....what comes around goes around... :sigh

I wish I would have checked this site first. I sent in for my ring and have yet to receive it.

She charged my credit card and there is no indication as to where the ring is at the present time.

I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card company and tell them what happened. I would have been better off trying the lottery with that money.

Ratoath, Meath, Ireland #28058

thanks to all the comments here,she won't get me!!!!

Maria duval ripped me off

Eureka, Utah

maria duval promised me a money back garintee on products i sent back all she wanted from me is money now i am homeless and $5000.00 in debt i cant get a grant i need dental care and i have no money to pay for dental surgery all becouse she lied to me i have tried to get off the street now for 10 years and for 2 years i have begged for a full refund and all i get is ignored all i want is maria duval to go to jail for hurting people please help me i can be contacted at

Monetary Loss: $5.



February 28, 2016

There is an old saying,,,,,,"You make your THEREFORE YOU ARE OBLIGED TO SLEEP ON IT."

You *** FOOLS...sending Maria Duval....MONEY YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE....."There must be a sucker born every minute".

You deserve to be tied to a post...and WHIPPED....until there is no more you.


stop writing me because you are not God and if you are as good as you say you are then tell me how much money i will win and if i win a large sum of money i will be more than happy to send the money you keep asking me but until then stop telling me these lies because you are not God


this maria duval is too good to be true,i haven't tried her offer but i don't think i will recently i have received a whole bunch of this kind of scams if i may say so, and i think to my self if this lady knows so much why doesn't she makes herself rich and then share her knowledge with the world instead of asking for money for what she knows about you and me get more info on this people before sending your money to this people who say that money back guaranteed if not satisfied,that is a lie because i have had stuff like this happened to me

Knob Noster, Missouri, United States #27328

i also do not belive that witch she only want money nothing else please dont belive in such things,belive in GOD and not her GOD can help you be strong and dont send money to that witch

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Maria duval


WoW this lady has trick many people. I first heard about her when my mom got this ring of re from her after sending $20.

And good thing I did because I care about my parents and I dont want anything happening to them. I read the letter that came with the ring that was full of ***. I think they send the same letter and just put the person's name in it to make them believe. I tell my mom that something bad is gonna happen or bad luck is around her and assumed that she and my dad are having marital problem (which they dont).

What a bunch of bull.

And in order for those thing not to happen just send her $45, so after reading the letter I went to the net and research Maria duval and I found hundred of site talking about her scam. thats why I writting just to warn people that if you recieve the letter just throw it out.

Monetary Loss: $20.



My mother sent the ring back and they still have been taking out 45 dollars a month from her checking in the past 5 months and took out 90 dollars in one week ughhhhhh this junk makes me so madd


i wish that i would have thought about lookn on the net before i sent 45 dollars for something i never got

Maria Duval in Richmond, Virginia - Ring of re is bad


i recieved my ring of re from maria duval and it was said to bring good luck but i have had the worst luck since i put it on my fringer. wed my lawnmower was stolen, thur my stove caught fire and fri my home was broken into. lets put it this way with the bad things that happened i broke the ring off my finger and put (my bad luck) in the trash. now i keep getting letters that asking for money to get my so called good luck. if she could see my future she would see i am a single mother without a lot of money to send to her.


richmond, va


Freeport, Maine, United States #671320

Again, for the record, the ring of re is sold as a talisman. People please consider that it goes through different hands when made and shipped.Cleanse your ring with sage before putting it on.

You also have to have positive reasons opposed to negative ones for wanting a talismans. It can protect you from negativity from others, but not from your own.

as to Maria Duval being a witch, I will state that witches do not harm others , as it comes back 3 fold, no matter whether the witch is wiccan or Christian. Having problems with a car, stove on fire, losing a job has nothing to do with bad luck, check your own actions and you will see, that these problems came from your own actions.


I keep seeing comments here about witches and psychics and for the record there is a big difference between the 2 of them and a scam artist. I am Wiccan and I took the talisman she sent me and blessed it myself.

You would find if you checked into it that true witches do not scam hardworking people out of their money. We do not believe in doing anything to harm others as it comes back 3 fold.


Hi every one I just went to say that I am so glad that i read here i was suspost to send maria duvel 45$.00 to keep my luck in good but i did not sent to her yet. i got the pentalgram in the male and i was suspisious but i desided to send it i had some problems in my car and lost my jobs and hope the good luck would come.

need less to say that i am not having very good luck yet and it has been a month since i send the $10 for the pentalgram talisman. your right i think she is a witch not a phychic.


I received the letter also and i decided look this up and i,am so glad i did you will not be sending anything to her.


I got the ring of Re and within days my wash machine broke down, front car windshield broke, last two days at work have been a disaster and last but not least a full jar of mayo broke all over my kitchen carpet. Won't ever wear this ring again!

Thanks to all that has wrote about this ring of Re, and to the one that thinks that who ever bought this deserves what they got you will get yours for wishing anything bad on anyone and it will be worse than what these ppl have received trust me i know what i am talking about, you have just been worned. Now to the ppl who wrote about this witch i want to thank you for your information it has helped me to deside what i should do about this which is nothing but throw it all in the trash.

I received the same letter, but decided to check into this thing. Glad I did now..

sorry to all you who didn't!! Someone needs to find this Maria Duval and hang her up by her toe nails!!!


I just received this letter for the ring, I knew it was something I didn't want,however I wanted to look it up. I am sorry for those who had the bad luck, Satan works in all kinds of ways and this is one. Prayers to everyone.


i got this *** talisman with a pentagram on it (red flag #1) in the mail today! it seems what this whacky evil nutjob is really after is money but im not so sure!

sending people a pentagram talisman in the mail and telling people to sleep with it under there pillow is a little creepy to me, not to mention the evil undertones of her signing her name with an up side down cross in it!

im no psychic but it seems to me no good can come from having anything to do with that nutjob! my advice is to steer clear and dont send her anything, especialy money!!!


I am so glad for you all, Guess my ring had just a bit of luck in it. I was working on the paper work this evening for the astrology reading which by the way was $45.00 I really do not have, yes I paid the $10.00 for the ring but that came with a 30 day money back guarantee.

she had me send post dated check, thank goodness has not been cashed yet I will stop payment on that and send her a few of these reviews and remind her of her guarantee. Thank You so much and God Bless you all for taking the time to let others know about this Witch not Psychic.

:x glad I found this now I won't buy it

I received the same crazy letter, im doing it like this all of this junk is trash.. lucky I read up on this b4 I desided.

i have got one of these ring of re in the mail, at frist i beleve the letter and feel bad about the car crash, but something in my mind to look up in on the computer to read about it, it was dumb and ***, the people who got the ring i am sorry about all the bad luck u got from the ring, dont worry good thin come u if u believe in god, what gone around come around, Maria Duval going to get what coming to her :)

Anyone that is dumb enough to believe in this "***" deserves what they get, namely out the $7 to 10. Ms Duval is doing what thousands have done before her, that is pray on the less fortunate to make money for herself.

The old adage is true, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


My dearest Maria, I believed in what you told me in your letter to me. Since I have found that you are a good for nothing lowlifw lying ***, and by scamming folks all over the world, you are truly destined for ***.

I would like my money back, but that will not happen. Enjoy the money here on earth, but remember none of it is leaving here with you.


i have another conplait about my landlord or slumlord witch ever way you want to look at it you see she is my mother this is my child hood house where my father died back in 1986 we were very close it was 8 days before my birthday when he died but any way we pay alot of money for alot of problems five hundred an twenty five dollars for an the list an we are on ssi an are very poor mentally disabled look for ten cent cans an bottles for extra money but any way on to the list john paul shemiot my so called brother an his friend kevin robles the so called experts murdered the window frames in the living room to get the windows in looks like *** the roof leaks 3 rooms living room bathroom an kitchen a new window in the kichen leaks the kitchen light stopped working an ceiling fan electrical outlet 1 stopped working because of john an kevin they call john little j little *** is more like it the bathroom needs remodeled has,nt been done in over 20 years the tub is clogged no heat the rent is to high to get gas an the windows are to *** up we get bugs we found birds in the attic birds have come in though *** windows two broken we did,nt have water for 3 months but do now finally part of the bathroom floor is about to cave in its like a trap door alot of bad windows back door needs to be more secure its a junk screen door go to my wifes email to see pictures var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy87320 = 'blackiegirl23' + '@'; addy87320 = addy87320 + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy87320 ); document.write( '' ); water softer don,t work power boxes are over loaded in my office the wall shifted at one time there were mushrooms growing in my kitchen window if you want to get a hold of this *** her name is rose shemiot call her at 269-782-5092 she will love to hear from you anytime day or night 24/7 the more mad an pissed the better thank you larry j edington


i didnt buy a ring re thank god i googled it found out its a bunch of *** so thank god for the internet

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #319138

i also recieved a ring and had bad luck since i am out 10 dollars threw ring out i think we should file a class action suit for bogus services keep in touch with me if someone can file the suit for all of us


I just received my Ring of Re.I ordered it in April and just received it yesterday July 25th. I was supposed to get buy 1 get 1 free but only received 1 ring.I was also supposed to get a mini astrology reading.That is what clued me in this was a scam.She was very vague and her psychic ability sucks as she was wrong in two out of three areas of my life.

Like everyone else I am struggling financially and thought for 10 bucks I'll give the ring a try.If I play her numbers and win a few bucks, hey great. Her asrology reading was a build up to get me to send more money for her to guide me every step of the way in having happiness and success etc..

and then it was followed by another letter for you guessed it, more money to awaken personal powers that lay dormant within me that only she can bring out. What a bunch of ***!

:? After reading all the - reviews like many before me I have decided not to send this coniving manipulative thing my hard earned money. Not that I could afford it anyway.

A horrific accident left me in a wheelchair & with a TBI which drastically changed my life.

Thank God for the Internet. A place to go to find out the real scoop on people & products.

I received a letter in the mail today. I think Maria Duval's sob story is a bunch of bull****!

The car in the picture is probably not even hers... Due to how bad the current economy is, Maria is praying on us poor, hard working people. Do not send her your hard earned money. Maria Duval doesn't need to be wealthier than she is now.

Believe in in God, things will get better. ;)


Maria Duval is a fraud and she never lived up to anything she said. I paid her over $100 because I was *** enough to believe she would take the curse off my life.

I didn't buy her ring of re, but bought other things, like a buddha that was to bring good luck.

There are no psychics that are real, just frauds. TRUST GOD AND JESUS ONLY.

Hey people, Im Sammmy. And I got one of these wired letters too!!

Does anyone know that this *** she is sending, is all PEGANISTIC, Mumbo Jumbo.I suppose she forgot that. I think this is one of those things just like that Nov-tech by Mark Hamilton. (Dont buy it!),to where they prey on your desperation and insecurity, and the fact that 80% of the U.S. is now becoming poorer than before.

not to mention there are pegan symbols on the ring itself.. Also If this person was a "REAL" friend. Would'nt a realy friend just give it too you.. or perhaps meet you or call?

if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, im sure that the "duck" is a *** Lair...

Stay on the watch people and say alert for times will become increasingly more stranger, difficult, and inhumane.. 8)

I received a letter too about 1 week ago. I didn't order it however I used the symbols in a ritual about money with a candle that was green for money..What happened to me was amazing and I had forgot that it was about RE.

I spoke to him as an entity and he gave me some amazing truths about my past that I could correct and I would then gain the luck and wealth I already had but something was stopping the flow.

So I am not sure that it wouldn't work but the symbols do hold true to Egyptian history. It's up to you but I am amazed.

I just received Maria Duval's letter:eek . Checking the Internet, I found this great red flags to not fall for the ring of re scam :upset . Wonder why scammers can get away with what they do :?

before i thought i had nothing went through two divorces and had children involved since then i had two truck roll overs and i shouldnt have walked out then i got my letter yesterday and it had a kodak picture in it stating that she went through one wearing the ring of re and all i had through mine was a cross and love of jesus and i walked out of mine with hairline fractures bumps and bruises but other than that i still have my children and life can always get better but my life is going good so sorry re kiss my a#* jesus is in your out

:zzz :grin I received a letter the other day, and like most people I looked on the internet for answers to my questions, and I now have them. 2010 has been the worst year of my life, In December 09 I lost a job that was paying me $52,000 per year, and finally had to replace it with one at $24,000 per year.

Since then I have lost my son, my home was robbed, my new puppy broke his leg, all three of my daughters have been in trouble this year. My 07 Dodge Charger (my dream car) was totaled, my credit has been distroid, and my dream home is facing foreclosure.
It sounds to me that you believe that the Ring of Re has powers, it brought you luck, it may have been bad luck, but it did work. Sorry it back fired on you, but there is nothing that the Ring can do to me , that could bring me any more bad luck.

Besides if they are mailing thousands of these letters or just a couple hundred, and this is the cream of the crop that has complained, how many people have gotten the good luck out of it. Thanks you helped me make my disission
@dani son's..that is the best comment on this whole page..amen to that my friend..i recieved a letter in the mail today about this ring of re and when i get letter's like this the 1st thing i do is google it to see how many people were scammed from yet another person's way of wealth, trying to convince people to buy things and getting rich on other's that are even really really poor..i believe in karma and she better watch out getting rich on poor people..god look's out for us and he is the only power for any of us, as you believe in him and walk in his path. watch out my fellow citizen's for people like this..have a great holiday..god bless to all:)

Cockring is too big. I have tried silicone injections but nothing works.

Does anyone know if they come in different sizes?


Weel I guess I got got then I sent in A 10 check. I don;t have eally any money in the bank anyway and I have nothing to loose.

What is 10 dollars? It might work it might not. And don't you think if she was stealing out of peoples bank accounts she would be in jail. Banks aren't as dumb as you think.

I'm going to see wht happens if it does't work that will be the last dime she gets out of me. And thats whats up!!!!!!!


It was a cockring.


Okay listen to me people. If this ring was so very powerful and made her very rich, why would she need to charge money for it if she's already rich?

If I found something like this that changed me and my luck like this, I would share it with the world for free so that the world I live in would be a truly better place to ultimately live in. Imagine the great energy of the whole entire world in greatness without poverty and starvation.

There would be no need for gangs, violence or any crime of any sort. Every one would have everything they needed to live a happy life.


I did get sucked in, once. Was given lucky numbers told some things about myself that amazed me, but after reading all these negative things guess she just got lucky guesses.

So will not send anymore money. I do believe in astrology, but would like to find someone who is recognized.


says yah you bet it is a scam. Anyway Mrs.

Duval if your ring brings such good luck then???

why arnt you giving it away????HELLO!!! My Bible tells me to trust in the Lord with all thine heart and he will direct my path.also it says to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven & His rigtousness and (all) these things will be added to you.I stand on the principles of Gods word and not to trust in the power of re,Jesus Christ has ALL POWER.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #183230
The word is scam got the letter to day , looked on the internet and here I am?? scam !!!!!!!!!!!!BBB next call. :zzz

Way ta go getcho. PRAISE GOD!

HAVE NO OTHER GOD BEFORE ME. The many commandments that are broken in such a manner as this.

It's the old addage.....if it sounds to good to be true, is usually is. I was ready to send the check, then decided to check out the Ring of Re a/k/a the Ring of Rip off.

Not sending now. What a scam that preys on the innocent, unjaded people of this planet.

This scammer should be locked up and the key thrown away. :upset

Sorry about your bad luck guys but I also bought the three rings and everything has been great!

I went into this not expecting anything,just did it for fun. don't take things so seriously and if it didn't work for you ,don't blame the messenger.

We all want money but you first have to believe that you have the Secret it might help you in other aspects of your life also.

not judging,this is my opinion...Once in a while if I find something in the mail that sounds intriguing and fun I'll consider it. If its too far fetched I'll use my common sense..It's up to each of us.

thanks for the update just got the letter was going to purchase 3. i read angel cards thanks for the warning :sigh

good looking ppl that ring is nothing but fraud


Most of the remarks about this so called Ring or Re are negative. And the storys's about losing monies in personal checking accounts.

Has anyone reported the company to the BBB? It would make sense to me that if this was a major case of fraud the "Destiny Research Center" would be investigated and closed down.

I won't buy this "supposed" good luck ring because I don't believe in it!


I just got the letter today... and like i do with everything else, i get online and research it and this is where I ened up.

Now to whoever did buy or is thinking about buying ... Do not send a check,... on the back of the paper there is a questionnaire and its asking for pretty much all your info and she wants it hand written... Why you think that is??

Let me tell ya.... Ever called the bank? They ask you ur address DOB whatever so she gets ur info and one day BAM! your checking account is empty....

think about it.... just say no...

:grin :grin :p I wanted to send my information but instead put a bogus D.O.B and a bogus place of birth plus i wrote an i.o.u.
Maria Duval or whoever you are sir.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

Incredible!! This is surely a scam...please do not fall for it...

not only it will not work, but it will make that Maria Duval person $10 richer! these people, together with hackers, should be banned from the face of the Earth. Please, friend...

DO NOT buy it! BUT IF YOU DO, send a money order, not a check with your bank information.


Received my second letter today, have to admit I was going to buy one and decided to look it up on internet first. Glad I did, as I thought what a rip off, I work 6 days a week to make ends meet, thanks for all the post, I WILL NOT be buying a a Ring of Re, SCAM!




I sent Maria a cheque for the Ring of Re. Does that mean she will be able to steal my money from my bank account from now on?

My signature is on that cheque! Ouch!


I received a letter in the mail from maria duval. I didn;t even bother to read it but showed it to a friend of mine.

We are both into new age, astrology, higher power, spirituality etc. and we were willing to try it out. It was only $10.00 for two why not? a money order will do but NOT CHEQUE!

or any informationto give out. If it didn't work out so what we were out $10.00 but I'm reading some of these reviews and wow..some people should know not to pay such money or give out bank info..


Your also an *** for buying it. How could you fall for "luck".

It scares me that some people in this world actually fall for this stuff. anyway get a life.


Got my letter ref Ring of Re this week. Not the first letter I've ever received from Ms Duval (or whoever is using her name).

Never took up on the talisman letter; not planning on ordering this ring. Better off buying Egyptian jewlery from than from these scam artists. Get smart folks - don't send money to someone promising you more money. The folks getting your money are the ONLY ones getting rich!

Oh, and BTW, if you fill out the questionaire behind the Ring of Re order form - they've gotten more or your personal information.

Beware! Identity Thieves are out there!!


I received an offer in the mail about that ring of RE in late Feb. Maria probably suspects that it wouldn't be worth the money it would cost to send it back if it didn't work.

I think I'll send in the order form and tell her exactly what I think of her. Maybe she'll stop contacting me then.

:( :( :cry I just got my letter from duval I was'nt sure it was real so I decided to look it up online. Thank you for all of the post i was able to see.

Being a single mother of two and recently loosing my job I was seriously considering ordering one.

This should be agianst the law and she should go to jail for preying on the poor,single,helpless people who could fall under this trap. She is going to *** for this!!

i just received her letter i thought she was real i was going to send her my credit card # i am glad that i checked the internet first.why don't they stop those people?

mary ,fl


I thought the lucky ring actually worked for the few days I had it. it was very cheap and broke within days.

I have been getting DAILY letters from her asking for $45 in each one of them. I sent off a considerable amount fo money and then I got a personalized report. It addressed me repeatedly as Ms. XXX If she is so good why doesn't she even know if I am a man or a woman?

I plan on being failtful for the thrity days etc. and they if she is not, i will ask for my refund as promised and proceed from there.


I just got a letter from duval and wrote a check for $20 for 2 rings. Someone please tell me has the ring worked for you.


Every time a re rings a devil gets its horns.


i just got the ring letter am poor am broke and *** ive had a lot of rings on my finger but none brought me good luck i'll just keep praying ro god evenually he'll hear me and answer my prayers for love and money


I read the first page I though ...witch. Sorry, but I went for the holy oil kept reading every last word made sure of it.

Overall you make a pact with the devil you bet you will have good luck. He gives with one claw and takes with both. Its best to pray for changes, go to service and believe in god. A power that wont *** you.

Now I am very curious to know how she got my information and if she is really a psychic...evil you are wrong to target me. Christ rain fire...make those demons run!


i do believe in phychic's i meant, lol i can't type well or think straight but i do believe so disregard my typo please, lol


i just recieved the letter on th ring of re. i don't know what to think...

i don't believe in psychic's and healers, i have been studing energy haling for a long time and do it myself so i see the results it offer's, but to those who believe in it. if you block the energy flow you can't feel it. i also do animal communication, which i never thought possible until i myself believed i could. that too i have seen great results.

but maria? there are so many out there that give the rest of us a bad name. everybody can tap into the intuitive selves if you try. but it takes alot of practice and learning.

so at this point i can honestly say im not going to get the ring.but if you think positive you get positive, if you think negative thats also what you get.

so i would think twice about this.... no good feelings about this one!


Although I havnt gotten to the "ring" stage, she did send me a lucky talisman. Its a piece of f'n cardboard with some symbols on it so I should have stopped right there!

I sent out a total of 70.00 in a month. What I DID notice is that she asks u all these personal questions then turns around and acts like she is "foreseeing" something that you already told her u were having issues with!! WTF! I might be a bit gullable at first but I am not a ***!

I wont be sending anymore money to her.

And do u notice how she says its all free but always has u sending money to remove bad energy or some other gimmick to get u send money. If anyone is interested in starting a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT please contact me thanks


Who believes in this Duval ring ***...

This "Your friend Victor" above is absolutely sick in a head,so is this Angel.....

You guys are total morons - sick puppies !


I believe that there is a servant leader sent by God to help others in vain and in pain. It is sad that others took advantage of such gifted people by making things up that they can get rich or better in some aspects of life - through dubious promises.


Just today I received the same letter promising to get "rid" of my bad luck and if I purchase the "Ring of Re" she will also include a free reading(WOW!!!)

Since I am a skeptic at heart I won't ever send in a penny to a co-artists BUT for those who are considering purchasing the ring DON'T because based on all

these fraud reports our prime suspect Maria Duval is DECEIVING people.

We got to do something about this!

And that something has to do with the letters the newbie or vet receives by her. Throw away her letters but NOT the drawing of the Ring of Re.

If it all has to do with the "geometrical shapes" that supposely will bring us luck, money and of course love then its unneccessary to purchase the ring.

Be wise!

That's where they "messed up" and that's where every wise person will NOT be fooled by her.

So in order to NOT get "ripped off" let us make our very own Ring of Re(out of paper that is) and put it on our finger for the next 30 days to see if the "geometrical shapes" really have POWERS.

Instructions on making a Paper Ring of Re:

1. Open MS Paint(or any painting program) and draw the "geometrical shapes" EXACTLY as presented in her letter

2. Next measure your own ring size so it fits.

3. Print the ring and wrap it around your finger(fasten with a piece of tape)

For the next 30 days don't remove the ring. When they are expired post your results--if possible write a diary and share it with everyone online or personally.

Your friend



i never received my ring of re, i guess thats a good thing i dont need anymore bad things in my life i have enough. thanks for ripping me off "MARIA" you will be hearing from my attorney shortly. you must work for satan go back to *** where you were loosed from


Ring of re is not bad, negative things hapen to people that expect negative things to happen to them. You spend your life thinking you cant do better you will not do better.

Maria duval is a great spirtul woman. I have the ring of re. Every day I tell my self that great things will happen to me and they do. If bad things have happened since you bought the ring is becauce you have no faith.

You produce a negative energy around your self when things arent goin well. That negative energy will continue to build until you are causing your own damage around your self.

Be positive and and know that your life will be better, tell your self every day when you wake up that you are going to make your life happy, Dont sit around and wait for it to come to you, do it, you will see a differece. The ring will help you in your positive ways if you truly begin to think that way


Hello, I just got the letter from Maria Duval........ Well all I can say is thank God for the internet!

I thought about what I had read and decided to check her out, I have never heard of this ring.

She'll not steal my hard earned money like this.

Thanks for this site, thisn is good looking out.


I hate the facto that she is preying on this suffering economy.....while she is just laughing her *** off getting the checks and making millions. she also sent me that picture of the car wreck please dont send her any money


Single father who has been hurt for last 2 yrs. Got the letter and all most sent in the check with money I don't have also.

But like the other people thought I'd check it out to.

So glad I found this site also. Jesus is the way people He has made it rough but only making me stronger in his beliving, makes it possible.


if this ring brought such power and luck to the pharaohs, where are they today? i can do without that kind of luck. also, i've wondered this about the health, wealth, and prosperity preachers too, if this ring or their message is truly that great why not give it to the people in the third world countries where it is really needed.

Semey, East Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan #28122

Come on everyone. If you buy this ring you are simply ***.

What does her company care if you return it? Ring cost her maybe $0.25 and she charges $3 ship for what cost her $.75 max to ship. She probably makes $2 or so just from shipping and if 100,000 americans buy this *** and 1/2 half of them don't return it for their $10 refund then this croq has made nearly 1 million dollars- minus her direct mailing costs. All told its very profitable and we all stand to lose for our gullability and we deserve it.

Thanks for other posters for pointing out the religious overtones- buy this for its quasi-voodo-ancient Egyptian worship of anything semi-fesable spiritual BS and suffer the wrath of the true creator who teaches against this misleading kind of chance/luck worship.

Remember that the true God is all powerful all good and all knowing- why would he then allow for this "slip a ring on your finger and all is well" BS? Don't be weak in this modernistic anything goes world- stay true to the Lord's teachings and you will always be provided for.

Cheshire Village, Connecticut, United States #27978

What I would like to ask Maria Duval, is why don't she send all the troops in

Iraq one of these "Good Luck Rings" if there so lucky and she wants to help

someone that really needs it. Maria or who ever you are "get a job" and stop

conning people with BS like this.

Arkoma, Oklahoma, United States #27895

Thank GOD! I to just received Duval's letter and almost sent in my check then I thought it would be interesting to check it out first and to my surprise I found this web site.

The funny thing is I to told myself this is *** and all I need is JESUS. I kind of got the feeling she could be some kind of witch or something.

North Apollo, Pennsylvania, United States #27892

yea i got the letter today and i read it i thought it was pretty funny it was very convincing in the beggining then i read last page get a ring for your mother your brother your dogg too if you want to.... its *** and she also send me a picture of a junk yard car.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #24528
Real nice letter head ... Don't you guys think so?

Glad I looked it up to.

Thanks to all. :grin
Naila, Bayern, Germany #22174

My wife received this letter yesterday and we noticed that everything she is asking for in her letter is enough to steal your identity.

Mayfield Heights, Ohio, United States #15026

WOW! Thank God I found this Site.

I too was about to send in my post dated check or money order. Now...

I'm gonna shred the letter and be grateful I decided to look it up online first and do my research. Thank you guys!

Shaw, Mississippi, United States #12689

Does Maria Duval think I am gullable to believe a ring can bring good luck? I guess so because she also sent me one of her letters.

Listen everyone, satan is the author of lies and deceit. Do not let him deceive you through people such as Maria. As long as you trust in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you have all the so-called good "luck" you need.

Follow the one true God. He is all you need. Follow Him through His son Jesus.

For Maria Duval, I hope you come to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. You then will realize the He is what you need in not only this life, but the life to come. Do not die without accepting Jesus into your heart and life.

Julie Garcia

Child of God

Lost Hills, California, United States #12664
I too like Kendra rcv'd a letter from Maria Duval. I thought I would look on line to find out what the Ring of Re was.

this site came up. Thank God! I have never heard of this ring. If it has brought her so much good luck why would she have kept this a secret for 30 years and now decide to tell people about it?

If you trust in the Lord and keep him first in your life that's all the lucky charm you will ever need.

So I didn't get the ring. I do pray that all of the receivers of those letters do the same.
God Bless :)
Frankfort, Illinois, United States #12078

I just got Maria Duval's letter in the mail. I almost sent in for the Ring of Re, because my luck is not the best at the present time.

For some reason I decided to look up this Ring of Re, and Thank God I did. I guess you can say my luck is changing, because now I am not going to send in my check to get this ring.

Anyway life is what you make of it, good things will happen and so will bad things, and nobody needs to get a Ring of Re to make things happen. Things happen for a reason.

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