Maria Duval in Sioux City, Iowa - Took my money

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maria duval ask for 25.00 dollars from to get me my lucky talisam and a report of my lucky days to come i sent her a money order on December 28th and not have heard from this person since i have tried to call her but her address keeps changing all i want now is my lucky talisman or my money back but i have no way of calling her. Also i would like to have her e-mail address so i can write this person and get this solved immediately. she has no problem writing me and asking for more money.

Monetary Loss: $25.


Ths *** told me I was the luckest guy on earth and that if I send her45$ plus 15 so I can get some kinda ball on a chain.then this penny jes add cold water on it! C,i knew it was a scam cuz she spelld my name wrong,whoeva ths woman is lucky I was already I hope she burn n ***! :(

I think she is a liar .she sent me a letter telling me by the end of july 2010 I will be rich.guess what today its december 28 .iam broke as ***,but she still send me another letter today telling me about money coming on my way.and I have to send her 25dollars.and she is not getting even one cent from me.if she think she can make me rich.I prefer she does that first .then I will pay her back.what about that


she set me a letter sayin that if i give her 25,000 dollars she"ll send back more......good thing i researched her before i sent it ......then she sent a tailsman sayin u have to rinse it in clear runnin water...blah blah......dont send your money....or u gonna be broke like the rest of them.....


She is not registered anywhere on the Nevada Secretary of State business entity filings. Her mailings come out of Albany NY.

Contact the BBB in Albany, Sparks, NV as well as the FTC, the Direct Marketing Association, the USPS and anyone else you can think of. If you send back a letter certified with a return receipt by the USPS ordering her to stop mailing letters to you she is legally bound by it. If she sends another letter, keep it and submit it as evidence for mail fraud across state lines. It is then a Federal case.

The more people who do this the better. They WILL be found and then the US Secret Service and the US Justice Departments will step in.

They WILL find her with YOUR diligence. Get certified letters with return receipt.


As of Aug. 16, 2010 I got a letter from Maria with a return address (see below) but funny how it was mailed to me on Aug. 13, 2010 from ALBANY, NY

Maria Duval

c/o Destiny Research Center

1285 Baring Blvd. #411

Sparks, NH 89434-8673


Yeah i gave maria duval 20 dollars and nothing she said would happen actually did. not to mention she never wrote back after she took my money and i never recieved that talisman she said she would gave me.


i am a solo mother of 3 boys and my income is only $90 per week maria asked me to pay her $60 and she would do a special reading on me and tell me how i can make all my money problems go away. well since i sent her my money i am still waiting and now i have given up hope.if you are thinking of sending maria any money then i strongly suggest that you dont she can sound very convincing but really shes all ***


i am trying to get my mom off this scam!!!! my mom is 79 years old and maria duval is scamming her for all the money she has....there must be a way to STOP THIS!


My name is Mitsue

I am 26yrs old.(Japanese korean)

I want to have any information of Maria Duval.

I am fan of her.

Please contact me


Always love World friends!!!



Maria Duval made an offer in our Sunday paper that was supposed to be free. When I opened the letter, there was four pages of repeating the same thing over and over which alerted me to the fact that this letter would end with me spending money.

The thing was, I hadn't open the letter until a second one arrived. The second one wanted less money. So, I decided to go on the internet and see what came up. I was not surprised at the results.

I wasn't about to send her any money in the first place. I don't like offers of help to gain finances when they turn around and ask for money. Isn't that why I got in touch with you? Because I was in need in for income?

Then why would you start out by asking me for money. That would come later, if what you said to me was true.

I tried another place called California Psychics. When nothing worked for me, I can honestly say that they did return my money.


I have been an *** to think Maria Duval would help me. I have sent her $45 twice.

Does any of you know how we can get our money back??

E-mail me at ASAP. I will never believe this mess again!


I am so happy that I am reading all of this testimonies about this called Maria Duval at 1285 Baring Blvd Sparks Nevada.

I have received a couple of letters from her telling me that she could see that I was going to be rich by the end of this year if I get her help. She even gave me some "lucky numbers", but now I know that this is a scam.

I was about to send her some money just today but now I know that there is people out there taking advantage of the ones that are seeking for a better life...

:( :( :( :(
her address is
Maria Duval
c/o Destiny Research Center
1285 Baring Blvd. #409
Sparks, NV 89434-8673

This was my first time doing these things and i sent a paper in the mail to maria duval and few weeks she sent me a letter and stuff and i pay her 35 dollar check to her to get the talisman so i did and in bout a month i got the talisman if i really got one dnt know but she sent me something though but she still writes to me but i report her cause i didnt know she scam people so i check the internet today and there she was on the internet. and i want my money back but i dont know what to do.

Sayner, Wisconsin, United States #67849

the new address they are using is in vegas


tina and jennifer marks of 4890 main street in bridgeport conn are gypsy fortunteller ripoff artissts jan falk 860 447 9040 victinm 116 viets street in new london conn 06320


May God take the others life immediately who try to cheat the people who really in need,and use the others name for his/her advantage.We never know if you try to cheat us but God know everything and will 'GET' you from the earth to the ***!!!!!Maria Duval is a rich person,VERY IMPOSSIBLE for her to cost anything for her help IF she is really Maria Duval!!You are not Maria Duval at all,I'm not as *** as you think BUT you are the most *** person to try to cheat people who really in need because we can smell it if you try to cheat us.YOU ARE NOT MARIA DUVAL,because the real MARIA DUVAL will not cost weither a cent for her help because she is a RICH person..*** YOU LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Everyone out there :? :? :? . Check this out Maria Duaval had been sending me the letter a few time. When I Opened the Letter its show Power Ring. If you're broke and NO MONEY? IF I Purchase this Ring its will change my life and I can be Rich an No Time. I must send the Check or Money Order to Her Address with Destiny Reserch Center - 1285 Baring Blvd. #409., Sparks, NV 89434-8673. However, I said to myself, if anyone sending me something that telling me they want Money$$$$$ and all I Believed its Buddsit.... Why? I went in the Enternet/Yellow Page to looks up Maria Duaval Business Phone #..... Guest What? Their its isn't ANY of Her Business Phone or Even in the Dirctory. Maria Duaval She is a Very... *** UP BICH..... AND LUCKY I DIDN'T SEND HER ANYTHING. AGAIN PEOPLE OUT THERE. PLEASE BECAREFUL. If you're working hard and time its will come back to you. Don't Listen to what people say all it is they just want your $$$$$$$$ You work hard its your $$$$$$$$$$$ and you keep it or Spending it, but don't give to this *** UP BICH. Take Care People Don't Lets Its Happen to You OKAY


Wayne DT
I have also received a letter from Maria Duval c/o Destiny Research Center 1285 Baring Blvd #409, Sparks, NV 89434-8673. I have only been scammed once from a different situation, since then I check the internet.

I am glad to have found out that this is a scam. I think the plan behind it is to make the fee for the reading and lucky talisman for $25.00 so that more people would consider, and offering a money back guarantee. So that more people,like I almost did, will consider doing it because it seems like a good deal. She mentions in the letter about how times are hard, and promises that just for $25, you can win $7777 or more.

But only if you follow the plan. I think it is wrong, people are struggling because of the poor economy. It is just plain wrong to take advantage of the situation.

I agree sham on this Maria Duval! I just hope more people read about this.

Yes, I too just received a letter from this Maria Duval and because of your comments, I know this is a scam. YES, YES, SHAME on Maria Duval.

The address that I have is for Destiny Research Center, 43 Riverside Ave. #525 Medford, MA 02155-4605.

And you are right, there is no phone number on this letter and believe me, she won't get any money from me. Times are tight.

Ratoath, Meath, Ireland #28057

I just received a letter todayl. I am happy to reading about this scam.

Shame on Maria Duval. I guess she is wealthy because she is taking money from those who are in need. The address I have, an of course she is asking for money for the Ring of Re, is Destiny Research Center, 1285 Baring Blvd., #409,Sparks, NV 89434-8673.

Hope this helps. Strange, there is an address but no phone number.

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U are all ***!!!! maria duval...

Not resolved

i think that you are telling lies...why do u prey on people that listen to your *** have sucked in my grand father but you haven't pulled your strings around me mate...stop sending the *** to my grandfather or i will get the cops wanna be psyhic...people like u give the real ones a bad name....and any way i want a refund on all that money my grandfather has sent u ......dont worry about proof i've got that so you better have that money ready to send back....your nothing but a scam artist....

i hope people are not that gullably to listen to your *** that comes out of your mouth...

a very pissed off person

Monetary Loss: $1000.



I have receive 2 letter from her one with a talisman for $10 and one with the Ring of Re offer for $14 I decided to do some research before i went ahead and send money to this woman. I thing is that I dont even know how she got my mailing address but i am going to send her a certify letter like someone suggested asking her to stop sending me her junk mail and if she doesnt stop I will report her but.

For the people that got the bad luck ring i would sent it back to her to see if she gets some of it too! Good luck everyone!


Why is there no site that lists these notorious Scammers – Internet or direct mail scammers???


Thank you iam glad i looked this up saved me so money she want ge anymore of my money.Glad it was only $10.00


Thanks to all of you. I was so close to sending her $10.

I was and still am that desperate. Just think of the money this _____ is making off this scam.

She will pay some day when she dies but not with my money. Thanks Again

:( I gave her $10 in hopes that i could win to help pay for my college. I knew it was a scam and yet I was too desprate to realize it.

None of you are dumb. Just like me.

Everyone wants that little bit of hope to survie successfully in this world and I don't blame any of you. I am glad I found this site before I sent here more.
:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x how could you not know this is a scam? God you people are dumb.

Have not send any money yet thanks I thought this was to good to be true. want sent any money no matter how many letters. What God has for me is for me.

Lockwood, Missouri, United States #4509
true ceramic pro hot iron,what a joke,the plates chiped in 2 weeks,i called the company left a message,no one called me back,i wrote to them and no response,guess i lost $50.00.that makes me sooo mad!!! :(
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