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U are all ***!!!! maria duval...

i think that you are telling lies...why do u prey on people that listen to your *** have sucked in my grand father but you haven't pulled your strings around me mate...stop sending the *** to my grandfather or i will get the cops wanna be psyhic...people like u give the real ones a bad name....and any way i want a refund on all that money my grandfather has sent u ......dont worry about proof i've got that so you better have that money ready to send back....your nothing but a scam artist.... i hope people are not that gullably to listen to your *** that comes out of your mouth... a very pissed off person
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I have receive 2 letter from her one with a talisman for $10 and one with the Ring of Re offer for $14 I decided to do some research before i went ahead and send money to this woman. I thing is that I dont even know how she got my mailing address but i am going to send her a certify letter like someone suggested asking her to stop sending me her junk mail and if she doesnt stop I will report her but.

For the people that got the bad luck ring i would sent it back to her to see if she gets some of it too! Good luck everyone!


Why is there no site that lists these notorious Scammers – Internet or direct mail scammers???


Thank you iam glad i looked this up saved me so money she want ge anymore of my money.Glad it was only $10.00


Thanks to all of you. I was so close to sending her $10.

I was and still am that desperate. Just think of the money this _____ is making off this scam.

She will pay some day when she dies but not with my money. Thanks Again


:( I gave her $10 in hopes that i could win to help pay for my college. I knew it was a scam and yet I was too desprate to realize it.

None of you are dumb. Just like me.

Everyone wants that little bit of hope to survie successfully in this world and I don't blame any of you. I am glad I found this site before I sent here more.


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x how could you not know this is a scam? God you people are dumb.


Have not send any money yet thanks I thought this was to good to be true. want sent any money no matter how many letters. What God has for me is for me.


true ceramic pro hot iron,what a joke,the plates chiped in 2 weeks,i called the company left a message,no one called me back,i wrote to them and no response,guess i lost $50.00.that makes me sooo mad!!! :(

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