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They sent me a letter and i sent a check and got ripped off.

I had received a letter and got sent out a check for 10 dollars and never received a ring or refund i am very upset how they allow a womanizer scam the world and the worst part is she makes you believe on receiving a fortune and you don't receive any thing but a charge i hope god punishes her and she goes straight to *** for stealing your money and lying maria if you are a real psychic you will not charge anyone and you will help this world i am tired of people like you god does not like evil..
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they had sent me a letter and i got ripped off of 150.00


your a ***

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More on Duval & Ring of Re

The 3d attempt to post this. I received, as some whose comments I read, a letter from Duval re the Ring of Re. To the web for info! shows pics of the clay original & copies in silver for sale. They call it by a different name & give a lot more info than this post. Apparently the ring was found in Tutankhamen's tomb when it was broken into. The design & geometric markings are very like the one Duval offers : ) but for many more $$$$$. Those who had to do with that break-in all died from various causes within a year of the tombs' being raided, except for the one wearing the ring. Apparently it is a protection from Tutankhamen's curse! I saw no mention of good fortune going to the wearer, but of health benefits to specific parts of one's body depending on which finger(s) the ring is worn on. Trust in I AM THAT I AM. "This is my name forevermore..."
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i get a letter from this Maria Duval...complete with a photograph ( a real one) of a destroyed S10 pickup! The first thing I think before seeing who this is from is that its a lawyer's office trying to make a buck off of me, knowing fully well I haven't been in a wreck!


I don't need this frustration from some fruitloop who thinks she has a 'gift' I do my own tarot, my own spells, and my own voodoo, thank you very much! :(

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Marie duval:investagate before doing anything!

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Read all the criminal investigations against Maria Duval dba Destiny Research Center and Nicos Daskalos. Check the internet Maria Duval Scams.

Hind sight plus having people that believe their rhetoric is money in the bank!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


This woman is ruining my 90 year dad's life. He has dementia and he believes in her.

Why can't this *** be arrested?

If there is a ***, she will certainly be there. She has ruined my dad's finances and now I am obligated to help pay for him.

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Maria duval said in a letter that i would receive $25000.00 to on june 1 2011 that would help out no

maria duval said in a letter that i would receive $25000.00to on june 1 2011 which i havent received anything as of yet as i really really need the money that she is willing to give me so can you please put into my checkingaccount 85451**** routing02100****at jpmorganchasebanknowasap.thanks as i am stiil waiting for this amount of money .i hope itis not falsely thanks,annmariecoloni hope i really will get this money nowcan you put the money into my account todayquickly asap to my checking accounti do really needthe money i hope today asap into my checking account
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The address of the headoffice of Maria Duval is:

Quai Quatre Chemins 83830




Superstitious people tend to want to believe that there is someone with a direct link to knowledge not available to the common person. So they believe there are psychics or seers or mediums or that there is mojo or curses or bad karma versus good karma or the power to cast spells and curses.

That there is some dark and mysterious ancient power or incantation that will work wonders in the modern world in regards to money, health and love. Well let me tell you. The only psychic power in this world is that which each and every one of us hold within us. The only curses are those that we put upon ourselves.

The only rituals are the ones that our personal superstitions permit us to believe in. The so-called psychics out there are in fact scam artists well versed in the methods needed to separate the gullible superstitious people from their money. Everybody would like to have something for nothing or to have some divine intervention in their lives.

However even if you buy into the divinity theory then you have to realize that you were given free will and all that you do is determined by you....not by some divine being. You bring your own good or bad luck to yourself.


How I hate that Maria Duval. She's a born liar and a cheat !

Someone must stop her.


Maria duval send me letters for about a year. I reply to her posting.she beat me out of about $200.00 dollars.

Then I found out she was a scam artist. So with her company evelope I send a real nasty letter. Never sent her money again. Through out that time through she had me sign some contract send a piece of my hair and a picture of my self.she put a terrible curse on me.

Psychic attacks were daily. She messed my life up real bad.


Maria Duval is a criminal. Don't listen to her.

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Bayside, New York

Maria Duval sent my wife a coin

I don't know how you got my address,But if you send one more letter to my house I will put your letter back in my wooden mailbox come to your house after I cut it down light it on fire and stick it through your heart.I don't believe in that *** Matter of fact you need to send me not my wife 100 dollars and you will feel great all the week after I know your gonna cause you want to feel great right.You are a bad person.You say send my half of coin back and you'll be rich and happy.You know you are a scam and stay away from my family!!!! Dwight R.
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Sealy, Texas

Maria Duval sent my wife a coin

Maria Duval sent my wife a letter with a coin in it.She said to run water over it,rub it,cut it in half and send her half of it back of corse with some money too.She is in with the Devel and if she sends any thing else to my house it's all bad for her.Now this isn't gonna sound good,But here is a psychic tell for her.I will find her and cut her head off then in half and put that and her half of coin under her pillow.Write me back if you want to devel woman.I don't give a ***.My E Mail Is (dwightroberts4@***.com )
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Sealy, Texas

Receiving scam mail from people, maria duval

everyday my mail box is full of letters telling me if i send certain amounts of money i have won sometime millions i even had to change my phone number, now they have my new one so i either don't answer or reject the call. just yesterday i received a letter from this maria duval telling me if i send 45.00 she promises i will win the lottery it seems like the postmaster general could do something about this junk and scam mail. i ask the postman one day if everyone receives this kind of mail and his answer was on every route.
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I have been getting mail from ms duval saying that Im going to win a bunch of money in the lotto I have sent about 90.00 dollars I live on a disability check I guess thats what I get for falling for It :sigh


I have been getting mail from ms duval saying that Im going to win a bunch of money in the lotto I have sent about 90.00 dollars I live on a disability check I guess thats what I get for falling for It :sigh

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Jacksonville, North Carolina

Letters sent to me asking for money

Maria Duval, and her staff at Destiny Research Centre also have an 'office' in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. I get letters frequently offering help with rings, Talismans to assist with love, money etc. How long can a company do this, with no return to the people who trust that maybe there is someone that can help them if they are down or in need of help. Where do they get their marketing lists from to target people, surely with the privacy laws now in place there is something not right about how they get that information, maybe that's what needs to be checked. SJ BC
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Maria Duval and Destiny Research Center

maria duval has continued to take from acount over $300.00 usdollars despite my many attempts to write to her asking for refunds as she has stated in her gaurantees.i have yet to see any funds returned and just yesterday my account was charged again for something i did not order and i am quite upset.i wish someone had a phone number for her or customer service so i can call as this must stop.if you are someone that has a phone number please post it on line. thank you very much and god bless you all.
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Here is the scam-artist's latest address. and mind you, I wanna thank google earth and google maps for their high technology too:

Maria Duval

3105 North Ashland Avenue, #398

Chicago, IL 60657

and guess what address this is y'all? The UPS Store!!! This lady or man or transexual or whatever the *** he or she is and ***-artist is using a mailbox address from The UPS Store in the poor area of Chicago, Illinois. Google Street View shows the entire area, and the area is of a low-income area with lots of businesses like "mom and pop" dry cleaners, I see a Baskin 'n Robin's Icecream place, i see a pizzeria in the area, things of those business natures in the area, but overall, the area looks rundown totally.

So that is her or his new address now as of May 11, 2013, a UPS Store mailbox- #398. So I'm presuming that he or she is living somewhere in Chicago, IL. and let me just mention that on the top of the green-colored, 5-page letter is a letterhead that says "Hotel del Mar, Boutique Hotel & Spa.

So I truly believe that this person is running a scam and an elaborate scheme most definitely. How they got my address and sent me this letter? Possible via a directory of some sort with a list of potential entrepreneur names, address, etc on it. you know, something of that nature. but don't send this person your money, or send him or her or the "11 ($0.46) postage stamps either in lieu of and/or option amount of $5 for some book of pamphlet entitled, "Wealth and Happiness In Your Future," and a free gift which is entitled, "Grand Esostatic Protection Ritual.

again, THANK GOD for Google Maps and Streetview that you can physically and literally see the surroundings and the type of environments there are. again, a poor-looking, low-income area. smdh at her. or him.


This woman is nothing but a liar she is the devil from ***


mrs maria my name is george in i got a note from you nd i am in bad needs i dont got a job or car or home if u can help me i will be back on track to help my mama nd my grandma cause afther my grandpa nd uncle died my life been down :cry :sigh


I am really upset, I had a feeling to look her up I am a mother of 6 kids and I am doing kemo treatments. I started to get things from her and I really had a lot of hope with her, I wanted to belive that good things were fially going to happen for me.

I am only 29 years old and it has been really hard taking care of my kids and being sick, I truley thought this women was real and the one time I felt like giving up she sends me a letter out of the blue when we are at our worst, man I feel like a fool. I am a really good person I give to anyone who needs help and we help kids all the time I really thought this was going to happen. She said on Febuary 7th 2012 I would come into a lot of money and I would not have to worrie anymore!!!

My heart hurts now that I feel for that. :cry


Her new scam address is

Destiny Research Center

14-3650 Langstaff Road #289

Woodbridge, ON L4L-9A8


Dec 13/11

I just received Maria Duval's convincing prediction on how lucky my deceased mother-in-law is going to be next year.

She's telepathic alright, getting scammed buying mailing lists from 10 years ago (That's when my mother-in-law passed) shows just how much are all of her degree's and awards are really worth.

I wish you luck in finding someone to impose some sort of penalty to the people running this scam.

If not karma can be cruel sometimes.

Carl Johnson


May the Lord bless all of you, ask the Lord for victory and recompense, Maria Duval is a scam, she tried to scam me 7 years ago, discernment, Christians should ban together and take down her business, prayer, fasting and the word is the key.

Blessing 1: A Double Portion—“The Lord will answer and say to His people, “Behold, I will send you grain and new wine and oil, and you will be satisfied by them.... Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice, for the Lord has done marvelous things!… Rejoice in the Lord your God; For He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you—the former rain, And the latter rain in the first month.” (verses 19,21,22,23)

Blessing 2: Financial Outpouring—“The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil” (verse 24).

Blessing 3: Restoration—“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust, My great army which I sent among you” (verse 25).

Blessing 4: Special Miracles—“You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you; and My people shall never be put to shame” (verse 26).

Blessing 5: A Divine Presence—“Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am the Lord your God and there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame” (verse 27).

Blessing 6: Blessings on Your Family—“And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord” (verses 28,29,30,31).

Blessing 7: Deliverance—“And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (verse 32).


Neesie, you need to tell your bank that you "lost" your debit card, they will place a stop on it and issue youa new one. I have evenhad to go as far as opening another checking account!

Thispast experience taight me to never use my debit card again. I buy a pre loaded Visa and use that.


Neesie, you talk about the lords blessings but you are on this website because you spent money and got ripped off but dabbling in satanic practices. Serves you right. Twit


Thank you for your suggestion as I did contact the bank and they will not do anything as I have so many withdrawls from her and I did not report them sooner so I am stuck. I do appreciate your warm concern. God Bless and may the good Lord shine upon you always.

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Killeen, Texas

Maria Duval

Thank GOD i looked this lady up on line. I already sent $10 and was about to send another $48. Same thing spelled my last name wrong & promises a bunch of bs. Do NOT send her any money. it is a scam. Thank GOD for the internet. It sounded way too good to be true. I hope they catch her/him whoever it is. I want my $$$ back!!!! i can't believe this is so easy to get money from people, this is crazy. what has the world come to? Thank you all for your complaints, otherwise I would have been out of more money I don't have.
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Los Angeles, California
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Maria Duval/Destiny Research Center

I sent a total of 70.00 in cash to Maria Duval c/o Destiny Research Crnter 1285 Baring Blvd. #411 Sparks NV 89434-****. I am jobless, broke and on the *** of homeless. I did this out of pure desperation in the hope that it would be real. I was stupid. There was a "supposed" money back guarentee. How do I get my money back. Me and my 17 year old daughter will be homeless by the end of the month. Can anyone help? Who can I contact to report this scam? Patricia Tam e-mail- originalshedevil@***.com
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I too responded to one of Maria Duval's letter and when her predictions did not come true, I wrote a polite letter asking for a refund. It took about 4 weeks, but today I received a refund check for $45 from her. I would write her again and explain your dire circumstances and ask for a refund.


I would like that your work with me and the money sending by western union bill payment ! So start my work and my cross of 7 power medaillon to be sent to me !

I have sent 104.00 dallors by money order post office, if you do not receive that much please email me at ( tehemarce@***.com or call me at 1-84* *** **** they can page me to take your call ! If you do not receive the two different monies order, I will go right away to claim that much the post office !

Please send and then start doing my work to help me Meria Duval ! Thank you./.

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Lynnwood, Washington

Maria Duval (psychic) did not deliver the bracelet i ordered

For the last few months, I have been receiving letters from a fortune teller from Sparks, Nevada by name of Maria Duval. In most of her letters, she claims to predict that I am to recieve lots of money in the near future, and that she was going to guarantee that I am in a period of good luck. And that the only way to get all the money I was to get was that she will send a certain ritual for about $40.00. Because it was almost Christmas time, with the bracelet that she was offering me i decided to send her money for the bracelet. My intentions were to send it as a Christmas present to a relative. To date I have not received the bracelet nor the money. I have sent several letters for the bracelet or the money
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San Jose, California

Maria Duvall

We were lookinng for a car on craig's list and the car she was selling seemed like a dream! we emailed her and we were curious on why the price was so low she said it was because it was her dead son's car and that he died in an auto car accident with his finacee driving home from his little brother's birthday party and that it brung back to many bad memories for her and she just wanted it gone. We were sucked in then when we were going to set up an arrangement to meet her she said she moved to augusta ME because of a new job and that she could send us car via ebay vehicle purchase protection and she will cover the shipping charge and that there is a seven day testing period. This story just sounds too suspicious and when i typed her name on this website several pages of her name appeared. DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMEN! her email adress she used is mariaduvall@***.com it was a good looking car too!
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The fact that Maria Duvall's name was used in this online car selling scam is pure coincidence - or the fraudsters idea of a joke! "Maria Duvall" has her own scam going and doesn't need to bring in suckers looking to buy a car!


Maria Duvall complaint

Today I received another letter promising a ritual she would do for me on April 3 during the night of the Black Moon, when certain planets will be lined up on this one and only night of this planetary confughration. If I just send $10

I will be blessed with at least $25,000.

I seem to remember sending her $10 before so decided to look on the Internet, I found this. So of course it's a scam, an age old scam. If you can, watch on old movie maybe 1931 called "Sucker Bait" That's what we are if we fall for this trick: Suckers. HaHa :p


i had the same issue with this woman! i was so confused and disturbed as to why she told me all that info about her son i never wrote back. i knew it was too good to be true

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Baltimore, Maryland

Maria Duval Psychic Fake

I sent for atatue of Lakshimi from Maria Duval that was supposed to bring me good luck,that came with Ms Duval's money back guarantee that if I was not satisfied I could return the statue and not be charged if returned before 30 days had expired or return the item at anytime and the balance of my money would be refunded. I returned the item in a timely fashion and was not charged anything at first, but 2 weeks later my charge card was debited for the full amount and have yet to receive a refund. All I get are requests for more services to be rendered and requests for additional funds. I"M REALLY PISSED SOME HELP SHE IS CHRIS MILLER
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First of all, ALL so-called psychics are fake! *** artists would be more accurate.

But if you're *** enough to fall for that *** then live with the results. They'll take you for a ride every time.


Not all I am a psychic finder it's a gift as from a child I did murder cases got into bother so I kept away now moved to love and healing and the best thing of it all if the person needs it they will get it. I do this around my area of derby as it's all free.

I am very well protected and harm comes to those who try harm me so I walk away to protect them. my Brother has same gift to as well strange but true. I love the people around me I am not a racist we are all one who serve this planet of life.yes there are quite a few psychics do hit the internet. so be very careful always check them out first I bless everyone who has been cheated out of money to follow your hearts.

and follow your AZTEC it tells you about your luck in months weeks and days.

I have won 7 times £70 in all but it shows it works scratch card try yellow believe in your selve's and your heart all it takes is a pound never go greedy always buy one to your needs. if it's for drink drugs or to win big it wont come to and hugs to you all your friend Alan.Derby.


Wow can u help me adrena@***.com

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New Berlin, New York

Maria Duval got the better of me!

I had been receiving letters from the Destiny Research Center / Maria Duval for some time. I made the mistake of opening one of these letters one day and feeling at an all time low, I responded hoping that I could change my life around, We all want health, happiness and prosperity. Boy! Did I Get suckered?! I sent her a total of $128.00, but for all I can see I was paying for letters with empty promises. I was promised winnings on January 28 and February 15. I was even given 4 lucky numbers to play. What a fool! To think that there was actually someone out there with a gift to help improve my life. I now find that I am receiving letters constantly and frequently. I hardly have time to respond to one letter before the next one arrives trying to convince me that I should buy the next talisman. I hope the authorities are able to shut this service down for preying on trusting fools. I've been scammed for the FIRST and LAST time.
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thanks for the good information. I am just checking out this service before I respond.

I have received at 4 different mailings from this person and I almost fell for it this time.

Nope these mailings go straight to the trash!

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Toronto, Ontario
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