Maria Duval in Hopewell, Virginia - These folks lift your hopes up for nothing

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This woman is a liar and I'm living proof of it. 10 years ago she was sending me letters and saying that I was going to find the love of my life, told me that I was going to be rich and be able to own a nice home, but it never happened.

I was divorced, lost what home i did have and today I can't afford to buy a car and also living on a tiny amount of money which isn't enough to get by on.

I am also lonely i don't have a soulmate and will spend christmas alone. So let me tell you first hand that she makes promises that never will go through.

Reason of review: Not as described.


Morden, Manitoba, Canada #1117684

Jesus is the only single living being that can promise all those things and they'll happen.. on one condition tho. Give him your heart not your money

to saved Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1117699

The world is full of believers! that is why scamp artists and religion thrive.

The reason why people like Maria Duval is successful is that those who believe her want the easy way out. Roll up your sleeves and be productive and smart and you won't be a victim.

Maria Duval

New Plymouth, Taranaki

This person is a fraud and preying on the elderly.

it should be a criminal offence to promise elderly people that they will perform a magic art and then they will start receiving money.

If any-one can actually tell me who the person is and their address I will be doing something about it.

My mother receives letters promising her that if she pays $90.00 and states she and her Master of magic are so completely convinced that after their intervention you will receive the sum of money that you have indicated.

Can the Police not do anything about this type of offending?

Can any-one tell me how I make a complaint about this?

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Djibouti, Djibouti, Djibouti #1121494

Look up the word Presious on Google if you need a gal to help you out,, she will take your money and run,, and I called the FBI about her and I knew where she lived and everything about her and the FBI could do nothing about it so Goobblel up you cash and give it to her and don't go back,,, sorry,,


Hi there, I am a journalist looking into Maria Duval and saw your complaint. I would love to speak with you if you're willing.

Please email me at


to Anonymous #1103017

Hi this Maria has been getting miney from my mom for months, she promissed my mom the house of her dreams and lits of money my mom oassed away with nothing but a few copys of cards with cheap drawings little fake jewelry with a chains that turn ur neck green the last month my mom way alive her check book statements show her sending 3 checks at $45.00 each with in a week of next check, this lady is bad and mom should get her $ back.


Maria Duval in Larnaca, Larnaca - Review in Professional Services category from Larnaca, Larnaca

Larnaca, Larnaca

Many years ago she stolled from my vallet too much money! I was *** and she win.But :MILS OF GOD GRIND SLOWLY,BUT SURELY !!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.



I gave her many hundreds of dollars for all her lies I was promised 20K all she could do is send more letters wanting more money people like her make millions from poor beggars like me. Playing games with my mind to make money is the work of evil and knowing people like that make me sick.

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1117704

The reason why people like Maria Duval and other scam artists play games with your mind and the minds of others is that you and all victims have a lazy mind. Don't blame her.

Blame yourself. I recommend you read the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. You can even find a free copy on the internet.

Improve your mind and you will never be a victim. Be a thinker and not a believer!

Maria Duval in Beltsville, Maryland - Simple Review #1431909787

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I want to be in to check with maria duval

Maria Duval in Wauconda, Illinois - Simple Review #1429999147

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back in October 2014 I ordered five braclets from Maria Duval and never as of 04/25/2015 have I ever recieved the braclets or a refund. She got me for $25.00 and I am not happy about that. Cannot even take this fake to court as she should be for ripping those who was looking for a quick fix.......SHAME ON YOU, MARIA DUVAL!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Maria Duval in Sugar Grove, Illinois - Ads in magazines and newspapers promote getting what you want in life.


My dad --80 years old-- responded to an ad in a magazine. The ad was something about what you want in life.

Do you want money? friendship? etc. How do you want it to come?

In the lottery? etc. So he must have sent in this specific request, at which point Maria Duval became his "best friend." He constantly received packages with trinkets which he had paid for in $30.00-$50.00 range. They promised to bring him peace, or prosperity, etc.

Then he got letters saying he had won a foreign lottery, and needed to send $$$ amount to get things going. When I was able to see his checkbook, I saw that this had been going on for a long time to the tune of thousands of dollars. I was able to make a copy of his check recorder and showed his doctor that he had been being swindled by these fake lotteries, etc. by showing his checkbook and also a stack of scam letters.

It wasn't easy, but the doctor was supportive and with the help of a lawyer I was able to get my dad to sign power of attorney. The lawyer was able to explain to my dad that there would be many times when he would need representation....etc. Finally he signed, at which point I got the mail re-directed to me, so I could sift out all the scams. I was able to get an article in the local paper concerning elder scams, and found out while doing research that one in 15 scam letters sent out are responded to with money.

In many cases these scams are groups that are foreign terrorist or gangs. But some people told me that as soon as their parent responded to a legitimate charity, that the charity would send another letter. The elderly sometimes forget that they already sent money to them and continue on and on. I think standing up against this is a moral imperative and that needs to be stressed to doctors, lawyers and judges who may feel you are just trying to get hold of your parents' money.

The fact is that all of these scammers are doing just that. They know that the elderly get social security and that they are often sad, lonely, disappointed in life, etc. and have some form of senility. My dad who had a degree is business was also very impressed with the letters on beautiful letterhead stationary.

They looked very legitimate. I might also add that Social Security does NOT honor power of attorney. Good luck there.

The best way is to get your parents' co-operation before everything goes downhill. Good luck.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Scam.

Maria Duval in Br, Hovedstaden - Clear case of FRAUD!!

Br, Hovedstaden
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Too many literatures too many fake and false promises of prophesies, a trapped soul as I was in a period of hopelessness started from around 1999 till 2004 thereabout. Her demonic charm will hook you from the first letter of false prophesies and solutions with items like bracelets, necklace, etc., all to keep the mind trapped.

I lost thousands and thousands in hope of getting any of those endless promises of good outcome after doing as instructed in her endlessly long literatures and manuals!

She even sold my information to her other accomplices sending things from France and other parts of the world (But like her that claimed to be in France, I know later it was fraud) with the same stories and expecting money for various things like rituals and other claims that never materialise in any form but financial loss and brainwashing!

Please, People should stay way from such fraudsters, especially young vulnerable people they prey on. People like Maria Duval are never noticed as fraudsters but they are highly professional in the smooth operations!

Reason of review: Felt robbed/cheated, no positive result.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Maria Duval in Centerfield, Utah - Simple Review #1415228657

Centerfield, Utah
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She sure is a rip off. How can she be stopped?

The elderly are targeted.its disgusting.

How dare client foolishly still believes her. He wont listen to me.

Maria Duval - Review in Professional Services category from Esko, Minnesota

Esko, Minnesota
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Maria Duval took me for $45 dollars. I hope she does not sleep at night as I read how many people she does this to.

I have tried to write to her many times she is a fraud and scam artist. Cult is her game


Pulaski, New York, United States #894358

You have to look at the fine print in any offer, it states for entertainment purposes. She is just offering her services just as any other casino, bar, poker game or drug of choice.

She is not responsible for losses and bets you place on her. It took me a couple mailings from her to realize I can create a great life without her visions and papers. She gives regret that's for sure.

Tells you what you already know about yourself!! : ) Good luck

Maria Duval in White Earth, Minnesota - PREY ON THE ELDERS!!!!

White Earth, Minnesota

Be aware of scams. Any time you're requested to send money to get something by psychic's; you might as well go to one in person if you feel that it is necessary.

I'm sad to say no matter how many times I've told her over a couple months she still sent her checks which is money she doesn't have to spare. My mother, an 83 year old lady, had been sending checks for a couple of weeks before this was caught. She worked for years for what she has and this Destiny Research Center is a SCAM!!! Contacted the bank and they were such a big help.

There is a separate company that handles the payments so you don't really make contact with them. People please check on the elders in your family or spread the word in the community.

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