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I got this letter in the mail I would say last week. It was from some agency called "Destiny Research Center from a Maria Duval. So it said.

It was a lengthy letter in 2 parts saying some thing about a ring of some sort that would bring you luck. What nonsense does this woman tell. Do people actually believe this bunk about some *** ring or bracelet that it will bring you luck? I don't think so.

I saved this letter and decided to write about it. I live in Canada so the address isn't far from where I live. I should drive down and see what kind of a place it is.

I guess she prays on the weak. I would imagine her target is middle aged women. Not men.They wouldn't stand for it and neither would I.

She should be reported at once. That's all.................I'm Mad....

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now all these so call pshchic send me letters i dont know these people. i'm so upset the ***-man is so sick.he-she need a real job.i remembershe had the ring out also and send a picture about she was in a car accident and this ring brought her luck thats how she going to die in a car accident :(


on nov 2012 the *** got a new taisman out about giving you energy and getting people to do what u want kill the *** she took my 35 dollar:sigh :sigh


Im glad that all you people have had some experiences with this person called "Maria Duval"

I don,t know w hat happened top her since whether she still sends out these emails or sends her mail items to consumers.

I haven,t seen it around now for over the year. I will monitor this.


I received a similar ridiculous sounding letter too from maria Duval( If thats her/his real name!! I wont waste time to tel you the garbagein it. Buut if destiny research is advised that I AM A SMART BLACK WOMAN....YOU CANT GET MY MONEY SO EASILY ***...


i dont understand what they get out of the lies they create because last month i got my firt letter stating i won a great amount of money and to send 20 dollars then when i sent it in i went ro the library which i should of done in the first place i find out that the company was a fraud i was highly upset but eversince then ive been receiving more and more of these fraud letter from everywhere from ny, kansas, mi, now canada . i wish someone would crack done on these poor rat faced people and lock them up for life and all the money they make goes straight to us it dosent make since i wish there was something we could do about this its already hard with the recession that were going thru its just rediculous

Korba, Chhattisgarh, India #208544

Patty, same thing happened to my mom! This witch obviously don't know anything about God and for her to get people involved with witchcrafts, spells, magics plus the demonic star symbol!??

I was pisssssed! Trys to say it depends on how u use it our what your intentions are.. BULLSH**!!! No matter how u preform this stuff or how pretty you make things sounds, it still involves witchcraft, something GOD told us to never get involved in.

Remember everyone! The devil is a lair in sheep's clothings.


Well so far I haven't received anymore from this Destiny Research marie Duvall.

It's been quiet in the mail.

I guess she doesn't send out her brochures all that much. I am sure she does know that people will question it.

If I get anymore brochures I will pesuit her.

In the meantime anyone who receives anything from Marie duval don't answer it just shred it away. I mean GET RID OF IT. :( :(


My Mom is elderly and got letters from her...convinced my Mom she would become rich if she would write her and give her Mom's Checking account numbers and debit card numbers, I keep track of my Mother accounts online, but before I could stop her, Destiny Research Center took $49.00 from Mom's checking 5 times in the first week...using the debt card number. So the bank canceled her debit card number she Destiny research did a ACH which is automatic with draw, I had to close Mom's accounts...But they have sent her more "prayers" and letters...hoping to get her numbers again...Mom use to be very on her toes, worked hard all her life, but now at her fragile state does not realize they are crooks! Mom lived on Social Security, they took about $500 from Mom now way will it be returned :( :(


Hi Virginia


Hello Virginia:

Yes I know what you mean she should be reported but I haven't received much from here at all. I think she prays on women.

I am not sure.

her address here in York Region isn't to far from me.

I don't know weather I should take a drive down to see for myself. Do keep me informed if you get another one of these letters in the mail.


I have gotten three ridiculous letters from this "Character" Maria Duval. First off, I don't know how I got on her sucker list,internet I suppose.

I just think if she was such a great mind reader , she would have know that she is just plain bothering me with her nonsense. PUHLEESE...I'm going to stick a piece of metal on me and rub it or buy a rock with magic powers...geeze...REALLY!!??

Go and get a real job and leave folks alone that are in need. You should be in jail for this scam.

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