Yorkton, Saskatchewan

My senior friend has been sending $59.00/ every two weeks since Feb. 2011 to Maria Duval . She sends him literature, lucky numbers, rings and now she wants to send him 7 parchments. He is told that when he receives these,all he has to do is to hold them, and I quote: "Your powers of visualisation develop. They become so strong that all you need to do is visualise a situation for it to happen."

These are *** artists and thieves, guilty of senior abuse.

Here is what the New Zealand ScamWatch Says:

Maria Duval scams have been investigated by the Ontario Police, US Postal Service agencies in five Australian states, New York Better Business Bureau, and Europe. In New Zealand, Maria Duval is listed as a scam on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Scamwatch website."

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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No one can tell you, you are going to win the lottery. If they could predict it they would be winning every week.

Scam artists such as this prey on our weaknesses of needing money, who doesn't. The thought of free gifts add to the incentive. I have seen these gifts they are worth about .75 cents to 1 dollar max and some are dangerous lead based products.

These scams are classic ruses to get you to keep on donating to them, and her little questionaires

are what she uses to prey on your emotions. Need to know more watch movie Red Lights.


:( I agree me too i think its ashame but people are desperate for help in these desperate times. i dont know why the goverment wont put these folks out of business and where they belong. Maybe we all need to put our faith in god not phonies and shams


I get something just about every other day from Maria Duval,each packet or letter asking for at least $45.to do blah,blah,blah for me.Also I never received a pendant I was supposed to get.I wonder,do they honestly expect me to send $ every time they send something? NOT! I think most folks seeking help,don`t have money, which is why they look for psychics for answers.They need help not scams

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