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I'm somewhat confused here . Who on earth would send money to Maria Duval or anyone promising riches ? I'm old, but the riches I wanted I got, love, happiness and peace.

I worked years to make myself a kind hearted peaceful easy going man.

From what I gather is most of these people have one common thread, greed and misery.

Both greed and misery should have been taken care of and put to bed back in your twenties or early thirties. Sorry folks, I'm just real here !

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an old person oversimplifying and generalizing to make a point about how hard they've worked and how other people didn't work as hard but should've, basically telling them they deserve it....old people complain about kids these days but i'm complaining about old people these days


Thousands of unfortunate people- and their families were affected devastatingly from this scam. I'm sure everyone had their reasons for seeking help from Maria Duval, but I assure you it was not simply out of greed.

Nor was the sole promise riches. I personally was not one of those affected, but I still sincerely sympathize with those involved.

Show some compassion. Your comment only adds insult to injury.

to Anonymous #1119127

what about his comment lacked what you consider compassion? perhaps you can rest assured that it was not simply out of greed but seriously, how else can you explain the phenomenon?

Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1125294

The people that are targeted by this disgusting scam are not like you, sir. They are not only elderly, but most often sick and very much alone.

One of the things that has made the scam so successful is that background checks are run by the scammer(s) so that the letters that are sent contain personal information about the victim, things that a stranger shouldn't know. The scammer uses the information to convice people who already have a diminished capacity to tell when they are being lied to that the scammer truly is psychic. The letters are also very heartfelt and they lead these poor, lonely people to believe that they are cared about, that someone out there loves them when they have no one else. The victims want so badly to believe in this that they will do anything that they are told to.

They don't just send money in order to become rich or happy, but to please the scammer so that they will continue to care about them and send them letters. For many of the victims, this "Maria Duval" is the only person who seems to care about them at all, or even knows that they are alive. These people aren't ***.

They are desperate and lonely to an incredible degree. That is what makes this scam truly horrifying.

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