Maria Duval and destiny research center were planning there retirement on me.$45.00 twice a week for stuff.Glad I found this page before I lost more money.I to was suppose to win big lotteries and games of chance.Yeah 90.00 bucks.could have lost that on the boat.I fell for the send a picture and a piece of hair in.and the 7 parchacments.

received the parchments but the the reading I was suppose to for the picture and hair.I guess when your broke you'll try anything to make it better.I hope the new movie star pres.can stop people like this even though he is just as bad, take from the ones who have little and give it away.

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I once read that very long ago, going back to the time of Moses and even before that, there have always been people who could "predict" the future or in other ways involving alleged clairvoyance give people advice and tell their fortunes.The interesting thing here is that in those days there was NO LAW against telling the future for others.

What WAS VERY MUCH AGAINST THE LAW back then was accepting money for doing such work. The reason it was against the law to be paid makes sense.

Once a "psychic" has accepted money, they are now (at least emotionally) obligated to tell the person good things about their futures so that they'd feel their money was well spent.

Those with the powers to "see" who did NOT charge money for their work were allowed to conduct their work and remain within the law.Interesting that there was the reference to "in the time of Moses and before." This should be a lesson to us all.

Benicia, California, United States #589022

A person must be awfully *** to give any money to this ***! This is exactly why there are scams...because of *** people who believe this ***.

Benicia, California, United States #589016

A person must be awfully *** to give any money to this ***! This is exactly why there are scams...because of *** people who believe this ***.


boy am I glad you all wrote the things you did I would have fallen in this hole big time, you are all the greatest to tell it like it is thanks for once I did NOT get taken.


:cry I also got caught by this Scam. It is a sin that they are still getting away with it.




I can't do this I broke I don't have any I get Money from the Plasma center and they don't pay munch It all Goes on bills sorry I can't do it.


Received letter July 8, 2012 saying that

she, Maria Duval could have me winning

$25,000 immediately. Right then, I knew that it was a scam. The letter instructed me to fill out form attached giving my birth date, time of birth, city/

state/country. Also, requesting a check for $10.00 or use a credit card. It also

requested the names of any credit cards

I might have, giving them the numbers and

expiration dates, and signing your signature just under this information.


I'm glad I read the reviews before I send in any money.Other people should do the same.

It sounds too good to be true.So open your eyes people!


I also got taken for about $400. Not one prediction came true. How could I be so ***?

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