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From Patricia A. Barry i.

Live in Las Vegas Nevada and my zip 89104. And i. Have. To.


Still want everything to work for me and I had to move from the old address because I was in a bad neighborhood and I had to go into the hospital before I had moved. And I need some luck in my life I want my destiny to work

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Maria Duval - Maria is FAKE ***! RUN AWAY!

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I remember back in 2003 when I saw her ad in Soap Opera Digest. She had taken out the ad in that magazine.

She seemed legit. And so I submitted my information, granted I was almost 14 at that time. My 14th birthday was September 2003 and this was in July of 2003. I thought she was my hero.

I got my letter from her. She had a handwritten letter and a computer printed letter in there. She had my lucky lottery winnings, so I thought it was legitimate. But then she wanted me to pay money to her.

Which at that moment, I thought she was my saving grace at that moment. But as time went on, I started questioning why she would need money. At that time, I went to an adult (my guidance counselor) for advice. She told me this was a scam.

She wrote down her name and looked up her information and concluded to me that this Maria *** Duval was a fraudulent tittymaster. I thought what a bitchy *** sack of potatoes. Thankfully I didn't send this peckertit any money. She thought she could scam me.

But the French *** didn't see it coming. Take your French *** and burn in *** *** you *** ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Maria Duval Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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