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Maria Duval promised me she could change my luck.Send 45.00 for one thing, send 45.00 for cosmic lamp (did not receive).

Now she just sent me another letter for 45.00 and 65.00, to perform some magic and send me yet again another piece of luck. All I am paying for is letters. She said on 01/03/10, something major was going to happen to me. I received the letter on 01/12/10.

Which was a date I was to win some money. Then I am supposed to win the lottery tonight (01/13/10). I not holding my breath. Someone should step in and get our money back.

Maybe plus more, for simple reason of scaming people, whioh most are proberly poor.You can use my name.

Monica Dufrene, Louisiana

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1249157

Call channel 10 news investigaters they will get Maria Duvall whatever her name is. get busted for her scams.l...

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1249155

Call the channel 10 News .The investigater for 10 news will help you.

He has help many. Show him all these replies on here to him so he can see how many were scam and still getting scamed.. I think his name is Harry.

Team 10 investigaters.Hope this helps you all.


I have also sent money to maria duval. nothing shee has said has come true. I wonder how she got my name and adress.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #585501

BULL *** SCAM! Preying on the elderly is a crime.


im a believer of many sorts...but truth be told...marie duval is indeed a fraud...although i have lost $20.00 to recieve her rings...never did get, neither will you, so be smarter than i was and save your money...repot this woman and help us stop this scam artist in her tracks....


I recieved the letter from Maria Duval company.Said that the #8 would be my lucky number.

I played the lotter and won the pick 3 twice. Then the dates shifted with the leap year day added to the calander. I also found other numbers but was reluctant to bet, however it did come in.

I was afraid to bet because there was the leap year extra date added in the calander.HOWEVER, I wish I would have be4t because it was lucky and the pick 3 and pick 4 CAME IN.

to Kate #1117882

You're an *** of course. If someone could truly predict what the winning lotto numbers would be, why would they offer to tell you and not just pick the numbers them self?

I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.


Maybe its your destiny to suffer when you do *** things.

My Mama always says; "If your goona be dumb, you better be tough!"


Consider it a investment in your education!

*** is as *** does.

If your *** enough to send money based on the Destiny Research BS then you deserve what you get.

Get a brain!


:cry :? :( :x :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :) :grin :grin ;) 8) :p :eek :(

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