I am reading all of the negative reviews about Maria Duval, and I have to begin by telling you I too was contacted by Maria many many years ago. As everyone has read, it starts out as a small amount, but then you receive a letter claiming if you send more, she will give you a more detailed reading of your life.

Included in this extensive reading (which I remember was a good 30-40 pages long) is a years worth of lucky numbers. Well, that year I went to Las Vegas, and using the numbers she provided walked away with $5000 in my hand! Now, it might have been beginners luck, or there might have been a little bit of spiritual intervention.

Whichever it is, I credit my winnings to using Maria's information.

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Yeh, of course it is a scam, but so are religious donations. Churches all across the country tell parishioners that they will get the money back ten fold.

People visit psychics for readings all over too.

*** people lose their money one way or another. It is morally wrong to defraud people, but I think this particular scam would fall under freedom of religion.


CNN MONEY is doing a story on MARIA DUVAL

Maria (perhaps a man) has been scamming people for years!

Even the FBI cant get these scammers.

So now CNN is doing a Special all about his fraudster:



You should be ashamed of yourself.



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