I received the same letter,same picture today.My skepticism led me to investigate.

This is the only site that came up for the supposed Ring of Re. I have found nothing in Egyptian history about it.

Also, if it was so lucky, how did she get in such a wreck in the first place?

I totally agree with the other reviews. If all these famous people think so highly of this ring, why do we not hear about it from them?

Surely if it brought them so much luck, they would want to share that information with others, wouldn't they?I am also a single mom and will not waste my money on such a scam.

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My Uncle used to be lucky in everything. Then Maria Duval sent him this letter for the Ring of Re. The personalized portion of the letter stated the problems he WAS having ay that moment so he sent for a ring only he paid $40.00 for it.

Well his luck had never been so bad. He is losing his life's work, his home, everything pretty much acquired in 85 years of living. I tried to get him to chuck it but he still believes. He just shrugs and says, " But without the ring, maybe things would be much worse? Who knows? I will keep it. "

Plus he can't figure out how she knew his specific problems.

But how can we deal with people of superstition like that?

Sure she has more money than she can handle. She probably has money from one of her men, and all the many people she got money from.

I just got one today. It actually sounds threatening. " If you feel so lucky that you do not order this ring for $7.00 + 30 days guarantee I will not cash your check, what makes you believe that your good luck will stay with you? "

So what? I don't believe in this so that makes me feel lucky? Um no. Since October 2011 to this day still, my luck has been very bad, much worse than before. But I'm still not going to buy her ring of Re.

So is it a threat she will take my ' Good Luck ' away? lol! Too funny! My Father always taught me having bad luck was better than having no luck at all for out of all bad luck comes good luck if...


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All are *** about ring of re. I can't

believed one ring of re can bring my luck.

If you send me this letter again I will su you.

Please guys don't send any penny to her, because

that is your luck.



I'm so sorry to hear about your illness.May God bless you.

I did recieve both letters. I believe in psychic abilities, but this woman is taking advantage of people big time. I had a bad feeling about her, and no one like this, sending out letters in the mail or otherwise, will ever get my money.

Best wishes for you.You have my prayers.


as hard as it is this day and time why would someone want to take advantage of someone. I recieved the letter a few days ago and i tell u no lie, I was going to borrow the money to order the ring but something told me to look up any information about this person or organization, im glad did thanks guys


Hi everyone.I just want to say that,I'm a person who enjoy studying on ancient culture an mystical god,my favor is the ancient Egyptian,and Greek.I can tell you this,that their has never been an Egyptian god ever name RE.only Ra,or Amen Ra.No RE.away do your home work, be for you give anybody your money.Thank you.


I agree with Michael, prayer will keep one much safer.I found this strange as I received this letter a few days after an attempted scam from Nevada also, or at least that is where he said he was located.

This man ask me if I was believer, stated how strong his faith was. When I researched his "International Winners Corp" and found it to be a hugh scam, I told him my findings.

This really faithful man's final words to me were "have a nice f-----g day".Wonder if he sold my name to this woman?


Not a chance from me......it sounds evil any how..I will stick with church and prayer ... :grin


i received this letter today 6-22-11 and i also did research looking for info on the RING OF RE. nothing at all. plus im almost done reading the bible and there is no mention of it in there.


im a partially psychic person. everyone has the capabilities for that and each person is developed in the stages that they have learned in, as far as life teaching.

and as i was reading the letter from DESTINY/marie duval, i was receiving some energy from further down the page, which wasnt where i was reading yet. so i decided to see what was pulling me, and there was an ENLARGED picture of the design on the ring of re. and i realized, even as i am writing, that the power itself is in the design and placement. its basically ENERGY. so if you are dwelling on negative thoughts, then it will be magnified, and vice versa.

i believe, if you draw this EXACT design on anything, it will have the same power. the larger the better

im no nut case, and i dont like these scams either. for crying out loud, the least they could do was make the rings out of stainless steel or silver so that the jewelry would be able to be worn daily as a fashion statement.


This ladie should be filled up with her presents up to her neck, this maria duval is realy someting, cant enybody just lock her up, she play´s with peoples feelings man this is very evil, lucky her i dont know where she lives.

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