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Many years ago she stolled from my vallet too much money! I was *** and she win.But :MILS OF GOD GRIND SLOWLY,BUT SURELY !!!

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I gave her many hundreds of dollars for all her lies I was promised 20K all she could do is send more letters wanting more money people like her make millions from poor beggars like me. Playing games with my mind to make money is the work of evil and knowing people like that make me sick.

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1117704

The reason why people like Maria Duval and other scam artists play games with your mind and the minds of others is that you and all victims have a lazy mind.Don't blame her.

Blame yourself. I recommend you read the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. You can even find a free copy on the internet.

Improve your mind and you will never be a victim.Be a thinker and not a believer!

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