Richmond, Virginia

i recieved my ring of re from maria duval and it was said to bring good luck but i have had the worst luck since i put it on my fringer. wed my lawnmower was stolen, thur my stove caught fire and fri my home was broken into. lets put it this way with the bad things that happened i broke the ring off my finger and put (my bad luck) in the trash. now i keep getting letters that asking for money to get my so called good luck. if she could see my future she would see i am a single mother without a lot of money to send to her.


richmond, va

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Freeport, Maine, United States #671320

Again, for the record, the ring of re is sold as a talisman.People please consider that it goes through different hands when made and shipped.Cleanse your ring with sage before putting it on.

You also have to have positive reasons opposed to negative ones for wanting a talismans. It can protect you from negativity from others, but not from your own.

as to Maria Duval being a witch, I will state that witches do not harm others , as it comes back 3 fold, no matter whether the witch is wiccan or Christian.Having problems with a car, stove on fire, losing a job has nothing to do with bad luck, check your own actions and you will see, that these problems came from your own actions.


I keep seeing comments here about witches and psychics and for the record there is a big difference between the 2 of them and a scam artist.I am Wiccan and I took the talisman she sent me and blessed it myself.

You would find if you checked into it that true witches do not scam hardworking people out of their money.We do not believe in doing anything to harm others as it comes back 3 fold.


Hi every one I just went to say that I am so glad that i read here i was suspost to send maria duvel 45$.00 to keep my luck in good but i did not sent to her yet.i got the pentalgram in the male and i was suspisious but i desided to send it i had some problems in my car and lost my jobs and hope the good luck would come.

need less to say that i am not having very good luck yet and it has been a month since i send the $10 for the pentalgram talisman.your right i think she is a witch not a phychic.

Yvette Thompson

I received the letter also and i decided look this up and i,am so glad i did you will not be sending anything to her.


I got the ring of Re and within days my wash machine broke down, front car windshield broke, last two days at work have been a disaster and last but not least a full jar of mayo broke all over my kitchen carpet. Won't ever wear this ring again!


Thanks to all that has wrote about this ring of Re, and to the one that thinks that who ever bought this deserves what they got you will get yours for wishing anything bad on anyone and it will be worse than what these ppl have received trust me i know what i am talking about, you have just been worned. Now to the ppl who wrote about this witch i want to thank you for your information it has helped me to deside what i should do about this which is nothing but throw it all in the trash.



I received the same letter, but decided to check into this thing.Glad I did now..

sorry to all you who didn't!!Someone needs to find this Maria Duval and hang her up by her toe nails!!!


I just received this letter for the ring, I knew it was something I didn't want,however I wanted to look it up. I am sorry for those who had the bad luck, Satan works in all kinds of ways and this is one. Prayers to everyone.


i got this *** talisman with a pentagram on it (red flag #1) in the mail today!it seems what this whacky evil nutjob is really after is money but im not so sure!

sending people a pentagram talisman in the mail and telling people to sleep with it under there pillow is a little creepy to me, not to mention the evil undertones of her signing her name with an up side down cross in it!

im no psychic but it seems to me no good can come from having anything to do with that nutjob!my advice is to steer clear and dont send her anything, especialy money!!!

Written by someone who just go

I am so glad for you all, Guess my ring had just a bit of luck in it.I was working on the paper work this evening for the astrology reading which by the way was $45.00 I really do not have, yes I paid the $10.00 for the ring but that came with a 30 day money back guarantee.

she had me send post dated check, thank goodness has not been cashed yet I will stop payment on that and send her a few of these reviews and remind her of her guarantee.Thank You so much and God Bless you all for taking the time to let others know about this Witch not Psychic.

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